90 Day Fiance Alums Jay Smith & Ashley Martson Are Back Together Again

It was reported that divorce cases in China spiked since the population was put into mandatory lockdown.  While the coronavirus quarantine has caused marital strife and heartache for the people of China, it seemed to have done wonders for estranged couples cast on  90 Day Fiance.  Maybe having an existential crisis really extends beyond the hoarding of toilet paper.  Maybe a health scare can inspire people to consider who or what is most important in their lives.

Earlier this week Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith announced that they were giving their relationship another chance.  Now, the series most dysfunctional couple has been dropping major hints that they’re back together.  Of course the mystery duo is Ashley Martson and Jay Smith.  And if anyone is still interested in keeping track of all the reasons why these two are toxic together, here’s a quick rundown.  In their time together, Ashley filed for divorce twice and put a restraining order on Jay.  Jay opened a Tinder account as soon as they got married and was caught cheating at his place of employment.  Though he insists the infidelity was a production setup.  And after announced that she was done with Jay once and for all, Ashley has let the Jamaican native back into her life.

According to an article in Us Weeklya source close to the couple revealed that Jay “has moved back in.”  Did Jay just need a place to crash and ride out the pandemic?  Not so.  The source claimed that Ashley and Jay are “working things out and [back] together.”

Of course these two are social media junkies, so this new development has been shared with the public.  It started with a video post from Jay on March 19th.  He pulls Ashley in for a kiss on the cheek and they dance together.  He captioned it, “maybe this quarantine isn’t that bad after all.”  She posted something similar on her Instagram page.


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Three days later, the two were spotted at Dolce Aeshetics in NYC.  Then on March 23rd, Jay posted some flashback pics of happier times with Ashley. He wrote, “no worries you’re not in this alone.”

These two crazy kids gave it another shot after five months apart.  Will this new phase together outlast the projected time frame for Covid-19 to subside, or will Jay have to move out again and practice social distancing from his own place?


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