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Tiger King Star John Finlay Says Michael Jackson Owned Gators That Died In Fire At Joe Exotic’s Studio

The Netflix documentary Tiger King has provided many of us with some much-needed entertainment during this tough time in the world. The saga that primarily focused on Joe Exotic and his mortal enemeny Carole Baskin has captivated us all. And there’s even more content to consume even after the episodes have aired.

The cast members are doing interviews, of course. Fans are spotting them in past pop culture moments. One of them even took part in Britney Spears’ performance of “Slave 4 U” at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. Cardi B even ranted on social media, hoping that Joe would get out of jail. There’s just so much to digest when it comes to this cast of characters and there’s new information on an almost daily basis.

Joe’s “husband” John Finlay did a recent interview for Lights Out With David Spade about the show. Aside from clarifying that he and Joe were never legally married, he talked about the animals at the park, of course.

David Spade asked him, “Did you have a favorite animal in the park?” In response, John shared, “You know, I have had several favorite animals. My most favorite ones were probably the alligators and the crocodiles that we had.” That is something he mentioned during the series, but that wasn’t the “big” revelation from this interview with David Spade.


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John spilled some interesting tea. He revealed, “One of the previous managers had gotten us Michael Jackson’s alligators from Neverland Ranch. We had gotten some other ones from some friends and stuff. Those I really took care of most of the time.”

John also shared, “You have to be very cautious [caring for alligators and crocodiles]. You have a lot more to worry about than with let’s say a tiger [or ] a bear.”


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Page Six put it together that those alligators from Michael Jackson ended up geting killed during that 2015 fire, that we still don’t (officially) know the specifics of. Who set that fire and why?

Joe was out of town at a funeral when it happened. And, of course, Joe has lots of enemies, as we are all aware. There’s a long list of people who might be responsible. Will this mystery ever be solved?


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