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Tiger King Star Joe Exotic’s Husband Dillon Passage Says Joe Would ‘Support’ Him Pursuing Another Relationship

Tiger King has kept fans interested long after the show’s initial release. There are murder plots, big cats and a wild cast of characters. But one thing that made Tiger King so riveting is the relationships between all these big cat people. They are strange to say the least. Carole Baskin, who married her current husband, Howard Baskin while he was dressed in some caveman/tiger ensemble. And let’s not forget she has been accused of knocking off her previous husband, Don Lewis, and feeding him to their tigers. This is a claim she has vehemently denied but after the series, it’s raised more questions than answers.

Then there is Doc Antle, who seems to be running a harem of women out of his sanctuary. I will never understand how that man has gotten so many women to be with him. Finally, in what is possibly the strangest of all relationships, is Joe Exotic. Apparently, Joe had 5 husbands total but only 3 of them were featured on the docuseries. John Finlay, the toothless wonder shown in the series, was actually Joe’s third husband. Lucky number 4 was Travis Maldonado, who wed Joe in ceremony with John too. But John moved on to a woman and Travis met an untimely death, leaving Joe to look for someone else. And he found him in a then-22-year-old Dillon Passage.

Now that Joe is behind bars serving a 22-year sentence, Dillon might be open to the possibility of looking for another companion. Dillon tells Entertainment Tonight, “Me and Joe have had that conversation, actually. He doesn’t want me alone forever. Right now, I don’t feel the need to fill that empty void, [but] if I do ever meet somebody that I feel is going to be very important to me, then Joe would be perfectly fine– Well, maybe not perfectly fine, but he would support my decision to be happy again.” Well, that’s convenient, to say the least.

While it’s hard to understand the unconventional relationship these two have, it all makes perfect sense to Dillon. Dillon explains, “Joe brought me out of my depression and made me feel like I was wanted.” He maintains that neither of them was doing drugs when they got together, despite the insinuation on Tiger King. “He was like the shining light that kept me out of that.”


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Dillon continues, “We did get married really soon. But Joe is the type of person that needs a companion.”

He says of the relationship, “At first it was more like a companionship, but being around him as much as I was and seeing his personality and how he treated me and how he treated his animals, I really grew to love Joe.”

Despite their current situation, Dillon says they are still very much married and “talk quite frequently”. In addition, the federal prison where Joe is being held even allows for conjugal visits, which Dillon is thankful for. But all that still doesn’t mean Dillon isn’t open to something else.


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Dillon says of the unique arrangement, “I would still be in contact with Joe. I wouldn’t just go meet this person and then act like Joe never existed, because obviously he’s a big part of my life and he’s done a lot for me. I’m going to stick by his side and still be there even if I find somebody to love.”

Who says romance is dead?


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