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Tiger King Episode 3 Recap: The Husband Who (Allegedly) Became Tiger Food

The first episode centered around The Tiger King Joe Exotic himself. The second took a deep dive into the cult-like ways of Doc Antle. This third episode though is the wildest ride of the season so far. It’s all about Carole Baskin and if she fed her poor husband, Don Lewis, to the tigers. SAY WHAT NOW? Her first husband went missing, and many people believe Carole had something to do with it.

Joe has made it has mission to tell us how much he hates this woman. However, it’s not just Joe that thinks Carole has blood on her hands. There’s a slew of people in Don‘s life that think his cat crazed wife Carole did him in. From businesses associates to Doc to Don’s family and friends. They all find the disappearance more than suspect. They are pointing the finger square at Carole. Did Don really become tiger food?

Carole’s husband has been missing for two decades, and it’s all so sketchy. Her husband Don opened up to people that he felt his life was in danger. Someone, somewhere, did something awful to him right? Nobody vanishes without a trace like he did.

Carole, however, believes everything happens for a reason. She has no regrets whatsoever. Does that include the disappearance of her former husband? Apparently so. Even Don’s ex wife claims he was afraid of “dangerous” Carole. That can’t be good.

What about this woman makes her dangerous? On the outside she doesn’t seem capable of this. However, this story deepens with every passing moment. What if Carole’s outside persona is simply an act? NOW YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION, TIGER KING.

One of Don’s business associates claims his last conversation with him was about divorcing Carole. If she knew what he was up to, then maybe we have our motive. A divorce might not have been very beneficial to her. Within the first few weeks of his disappearance, law enforcement began thinking foul play was possible.


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Don was 22 years older than Carole and a very married father when they met. It’s getting juicy y’all. The first time they met was under extremely strange circumstances. She was fighting with her first husband and even threw a potato at him. Save your WTF reactions because it’s getting crazier from here.

Once outside, Don drove up to her, but she wouldn’t get in his vehicle. On the third try, he pulled back around with a gun on the passenger seat. He said she could hold the gun on him if she wanted to. He just needed someone to talk to.

Naturally, being the super rational and sane person that Carole is, she did exactly that. SHE HELD A GUN ON DON THE FIRST TIME THEY MET, AND THIS MAN STILL MARRIED HER CRAZY ASS. WOW.

Carole spent the night with Don, and he deserted his wife and kids at the time. That must’ve been a devastating blow to that family. It was over just like that. He used to call her “angel,” but that angel may have been his demise.

Don’s kids didn’t like Carole spending any of his money. He was a very wealthy man. Was he now? Could that be a motive for murder that I’m detecting?

Joe reveals that he was in possession of Carole’s dairy and proceeds to read it aloud. This is so messy, and I’m so obsessed. She wrote in the diary that Don was concerned whether people liked him for who he was or his money. He didn’t live an extravagant life, but he was riiiiiiich. Don even went as far as to bury his money so people wouldn’t know the extent of his wealth.


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Carole, on the other hand, grew up with nothing. Her family was dirt poor. She was even raped at a young age. She was forced to leave home as a result. That’s heartbreaking. As kooky as she is, nobody deserves that. EVER.

They were a match made in heaven on paper. She wanted to save animals, and he wanted to collect them and had the means to do so. If that’s true, then how did this relationship reach such a tragic convoluted end?

Don and Carole went to exotic animal auctions by purchasing bobcats and lynx. How do you go from those to tigers and lions? Hmm. Carole of all people used to BREED AND BUY these cats. Hypocrite much? How can she come at Joe for something she also did in the past?

Carole and Don created a bizarre videotape about how to take cats away from their mothers and raise them? I was Team Carole for a hot second, but now she feels like a total hypocrite. It seems as if the real issue here is she doesn’t want any competition.

Don wanted the animals to make money from them, and that’s where he and Carole differed. She just wanted to love on them. Still doesn’t make her any less weird. When he would travel to Costa Rica, she’d have a vet come and spay and neuter the cats. Going behind your spouse’s back like that is a recipe for disaster.


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It also turns out that Don had other women on the side. That probably didn’t sit well with Carole. He had a major roaming eye, and that usually doesn’t end well. Joe reveals that in her diary Carole called Don a “sick and perverted man.”

Don was paranoid Carole was after his money. In a divorce, she would have lost EVERYTHING. Someone like Carole wouldn’t take that well. He made it clear that his money was his money. Period. She wanted to find a way out, but what really could she do. Was murder really something Carole would consider? Maybe so.

Don tried reporting Carole’s sketchy actions to the police. He was afraid for his life. Police never did anything to protect him. They didn’t take his concerns seriously. He was denied any form of protection.

SHE ALLEGEDLY THREATENED TO KILL HIM. Don disappeared two months later. I’ll let you all do the math about that one. Seems obvious right? Carole had to have done this. Maybe not. Maybe there’s another layer to this mystery that hasn’t been explored yet. A planned trip to Costa Rica might be the biggest factor in this.

Don told a business partner that “if I can pull this off, it’ll be the slickest thing I ever did in my life”. Whoa. What does that mean? Could Don have really planned his own escape? It’s seeming like a big possibility. Everyone thinks Carole is a murderer. Everyone might have it all wrong.


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Detectives searched all 40 acres of Carole and Don’s property but found nothing. So far so far. A few days later they located Don’s van at an airport. However, something was strange about the scene. All of his essential belongings were in the van still. Something’s not right with this picture.

Where the hell is Don? Why would he leave everything at the airport if he was behind this? This screams like a set-up. This clue feels like it was designed to throw off authorities  in some fashion. The cops never even looked at the van when it was in the airport. What shoddy police work!

Don always flew commercial to get to Costa Rica. However, he was a trained pilot and owned his own place. Unfortunately, he’d have to make multiple fuel stops. That makes that option highly unlikely. Foul play is looking more plausible by the minute.

Carole claims he would purposely fly under radar to avoid being detected. She’s very sure that we’d never find him. Suspect. She also suggests that Don had memory loss of sorts. ALZHEIMER’S? Really Carole? How sudden and random. Nobody is buying that s**t.

Also, Carole calling him unusual and eccentric is hilarious. Have you ever looked in a mirror, Carole? Come on now. Don’t even play us like that.

Don’s attorney believes he was killed, but won’t give us a name. It has to be Carole. Just has to be. IT JUST DOES OKAY.

Naturally, Joe had to film a bizarre music video called ‘Here Kitty Kitty’. It’s so weird, but I’m low key obsessed. His off the wall attacks on Carole are everything to me. His video shows a Carole lookalike feeding body parts to tigers. Could that be what happened?


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There was a big cat in the yard that was capable of eating him, but no proof. The police wouldn’t test the meat grinder for DNA evidence. Why is everyone mishandling this case? Everything points to this crazy ass woman as the killer. WHY ARE THEY SKIPPING OBVIOUS CLUES? I’m baffled at this.

Joe is convinced that Carole has Don buried under the septic tank. I want to see what’s in there immediately because my mind is blown. Police would like to investigate it, but their hands are tied, evidently.

Don’s assistant, Anne McQueen, cooperated with the police because she and Carole were prime suspects. That poor old assistant didn’t do this. Stop playing. No chance in hell. Carole is the prime suspect for a reason. Motive baby. Money speaks.

Carole’s brother working for law enforcement appears to have clouded this investigation. Such bulls**t. Additionally it looks like Carole’s final night with Don is sketchy. Despite mountains of circumstantial evidence, nobody truly pursued this.

Unless I am the crazy one, there’s many red flags about Carole. She tried breaking into Don’s office. Cut the lock and everything. There were two sets of wills and power of attorney. The assistant claims her name was in charge of both sets. However, Carole produced new documents putting herself in power. This is so obvious. There is undoubtedly a conspiracy going on.


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Firstly, there is unusual wording on the document produced by Carole. It mentions that even if Don “disappeared,” she was in charge. That doesn’t feel like a commonplace thing to put in your will. Don’s attorney agrees with that. This sounds a lot like Carole surely covering her tracks.

Following Don’s disappearance, Carole erased all mention of him in her life. She even fired every single on of his employees. Wills don’t usually come into play for five years with cases of missing persons. However, Carole declared him dead at the quickest possible date. If Carole really did do it, she is one smart lady. Insane yes, but there is nothing stupid about her.

The theory that most people believe is that Carole is the one responsible for what happened to Don. The biggest issue is a lack of a body. So many people think she fed this poor man to tigers. That’s right. F**CKING TIGERS. I can’t even imagine that sheer horror of that if it is true.

I have chills hearing a video of Carole saying “those who do things in a certain way, either or purpose or accidentally, get rich.” BONE CHILLING. Horrific. Words like that sound so ominous when dealing with something like this.

Whether intentional or not, this is one of the most intriguing missing person cases ever. His former wife and daughters are terrified of this woman, so they try not to speak out. Coming after Carole seems like the worst mistake a person can make. Just ask Don.


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