Bethenny Frankel Reportedly Freaked Out & Blocked Real Housewives Producer Who Said The Show Didn’t Need Her

Bethenny Frankel has long been a staple on Real Housewives of New York. Hell, on Bravo as a whole. She has long been the face of housewives, arguably being the most successful housewife outside of the show. She’s absolutely built an empire off her housewives fame and that part is indisputable. But since she made another exit from RHONY, this first season without her has been polarizing to viewers. While some think the show lacks luster without her, others are excited to see the new dynamic. A lot of that dynamic is thanks to new housewife Leah McSweeney. Love her or hate her, she really has brought the show some new life and it looks like we are going to see more of that in the next episode. Vibrator in the chicken, anyone?

But back to Bethenny. She’s seemingly pretty busy with her own projects post-RHONY. Bethenny’s foundation has done a ton of admirable coronavirus relief work. She has also announced that she’s coming out with her own show on HBO Max. Despite all that, there are rumblings that Bethenny might be missing the show a little more than the show is missing her. It certainly seems like it given her comments about the show. We recently reported how she said housewives wasn’t “inspiring content right now.” Ouch.

Now Page Six is reporting that a production source had plenty to say about Bethenny and her absence. According to the source, “She’s jealous [because] she’s not on still. She made a rash decision [to leave] and she misses the limelight of it all.” They added, “And she can’t believe it will be as successful without her and may be better.”

The same source said that at BravoCon, Bethenny allegedly freaked when a longtime producer said that the cast “[doesn’t] need Bethenny” during a panel. When asked how Bethenny’s absence would affect the show, the same producer mused, “Bethenny of course is Bethenny. We did three seasons without her in the middle, it was successful, a lot of fun, some of the best trips. And the ladies, they’ve done this for a while, and they don’t need Bethenny. I think this season we’re really excited to shine that.”


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That got back to Bethenny and you can imagine how that sat with her. Not only was she pissed, but she blocked the producer from her phone over the whole incident.

While all of this seems juicy, it’s worth noting that this is all speculation and we don’t really know what Bethenny thinks about the matter. Despite it sounding like Bethenny is shading the show, I do think that her comments about ratings were taken out of context. She was asked about ratings so she responded. And that response was done while she was in the midst of actively providing relief efforts for a global pandemic. Of course it wasn’t an upbeat response. But maybe, just maybe, Bethenny’s ego is getting in the way this time. I guess only time, and ratings, will tell.


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[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]