Tamra Judge Denies CUT Fitness Going Out Of Business After Selling Equipment On Instagram

As far as we know, Tamra Judge isn’t come back to Real Housewives of Orange County. That hasn’t stopped her from keeping herself in the limelight as of late. She’s come out swinging against former cast mate, Shannon Beador after she made up with Kelly Dodd. Then Tamra confirmed she is no longer friends with Shannon after Shannon ignored her phone calls. Lol on that one. I don’t blame Shannon at all after seeing last season. Tamra also moved AGAIN, this time ditching the $2M Coto de Caza property she was showing off on the show. Remember her bragging about that country club and golf course? She can kiss that goodbye now that she’s headed back to a property that was a significant downgrade in price.

Aside from keeping the gossip sites alive and well, Tamra is also busy with her side hustles. We know very little about her budding (pun intended) CBD business venture, Vena. While there is still have a website, we haven’t heard anything else about Vena since she brought it up on the show. Shocker, right? Tamra also recently said on an Instagram “Ask Me Anything” that she was interested in opening a home store. We’ve all seen her collection of Mackenzie-Childs kitchenware and can find that without Tamra’s help, thanks. But Tamra’s bread and butter for the longest has been CUT Fitness, a gym she opened with husband, Eddie Judge back in 2013. We saw plenty of the gym when Tamra opened it and many a scene on RHOC was filmed there. Now there are some rumors that this is the end of CUT Fitness.

Tamra recently took to her Instagram page, posting pictures of gym equipment for sale.  That does not sound good. Name the last time you saw a business selling off essential inventory that stuck around? And this is the gym she got dragged for promoting during the current coronavirus pandemic.

In the post, Tamra does a slide show of different pieces of equipment like kettle bells, hand weights and bar bells. The first photo features text saying “Weights for Sale” and lists the phone number to CUT Fitness. Beneath that, it reads, “No shipping, No Delivery, Must Pick Up”. Wondering if Tamra has ever heard of Facebook market place because that sounds like the best place for this shoddy ad.


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Naturally, Tamra anticipated people to question her business possibly going down the tubes. In a poor effort to circumvent the questions, she captioned the post with a disclaimer. It reads, “(NOT CLOSING DOWN. Just restructuring of business to a personal training studio….No more group classes. No longer need all this small equipment.” Wasn’t the whole point of her gym to offer group classes? That Eddie was presumably teaching? I can’t imagine they have a high demand of one on one sessions, especially since the gym always appears to be empty.

Either way, Tamra is trying hard to spin this in her favor. Now I’m just waiting for her “successful” CBD business to start getting rid of products at 50% off. I might just get a few things.


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