Tamra Judge & New Housewife Emily Simpson

Tamra Judge Says Emily Simpson Is The Biggest Dead Weight In Real Housewives Of Orange County Current Cast

Technically speaking, Emily Simpson joined Real Housewives of Orange County as a “friend” of Tamra Judge. However, they’ve been anything but friends, well, from what we have seen, anyway. These two just don’t get along, but not in a particularly entertaining sort of way.

Now that Tamra is done with the Real Housewife life (for now, anyway). She’s spending her days doing Zoom interview after Zoom interview, sharing some new info and doing what she does best: talking shit.

During her recent appearance on Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef, Tamra was asked, “Who do you think is the biggest dead weight on the cast currently?” In response, she said, “I think Emily is. She’s dead weight on the cast, you know?” She (sort of) explained, “First year, you get a break. Second year, I don’t know.”

When she was asked if she felt the same way about Gina Kirschenheiter, her soldier from last season, Tamra said, “I think Gina speaks her mind. That’s the thing. She’ll be honest and speak her mind and she’s not gonna play these little games. She’s not afraid of anybody.’


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And in contrast, Tamra said, “Emily was always really nice to our face, and then she’d get in her confessionals and say things.” Isn’t that what every Housewife does? However, Tamra declared, “A good Housewife says it to your face, not just behind a camera.” That sounds like Tamra’s MO in all honesty, but OK.

Tamra said, “I just don’t think there’s a whole lot of interesting stuff going on there. That doesn’t mean she’s a bad person at all. I just feel like you know some people are made to be on TV and some people are not.”


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Tamra added, “Sometimes saying ‘she’s not good for reality’ might mean she’s a little too normal.” That’s true about a lot of former Housewives, but Emily is still apart of the cast.

At another point in the discussion, Tamra didn’t name names, but she was seemingly talking about Emily when she remarked, “There are some people who are like ‘I don’t really want to show my bad marriage.’ Then, you really shouldn’t be on a reality show.”


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When it comes down to it, Tamra declared, “Emily just doesn’t belong on the show. [She] just doesn’t fit in.”


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