Emily Simpson’s Husband Shane Simpson Fails Bar Exam For Fourth Time

Have you ever been embarrassed on someone else’s behalf? I sure have. Emily Simpson’s husband Shane Simpson failed the California Bar Exam. Again. FOR THE FOURTH TIME. No, I’m not in my feels over Shane. It’s more that I feel bad for (my friend in my head) Emily.

It’s been rough to watch Shane ditch Emily to study in a hotel room, only to find out that he failed the exam he took in February, which was his second attempt. When he returned home, he even told Emily that he didn’t miss her or their kids. She has been defending him in interviews and on social media, insisting that he’s not really like that. For her sake, I hope that’s true, but I can’t say I’m buying her defenses. After that February fail, he took the test again in July, and it looks like this is just not meant to be. The fourth time wasn’t the charm for Shane.

People reported that Shane did not pass the exam, but, apparently, Shane himself doesn’t know that yet. Yes, you read that correctly. During a panel at BravoCon, Emily said that Shane didn’t check his own results. Why would someone not check the results of an exam he took three times?!

Emily shared, “He should have gotten them but he won’t look. I can’t figure out if he’s waiting for me to come home. He had a rough time the last time [he took the test], so I don’t know if he’s avoiding looking or he knows he messed up.” Both.

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At BravoCon, a fan offered to look up the results and let her know, but Emily wanted to wait to check when she got home. Don’t worry though. I checked.

He is not listed on the  California Bar Organization website. However, there is a slight possibility he took the exam under a different name. For all we know Shane is his middle name. Or he used his full name. Or he just went by S. Simpson. Do I think that any of those things actually happened? No, not really, but I’m just saying I went through and checked for all variations of “Shane Simpson” that I could think of and I didn’t find one California lawyer. You’re welcome, people.

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Well, at least they already filmed the reunion. Maybe Emily didn’t have to discuss this there.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]