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Jessica More has a lot to “puzzle” over.  The latest episode of Below Deck Mediterranean had her questioning whether to trust deckhand Rob Westergaard with her burgeoinng feelings for him.  Rob claimed to be in an open, casual relationship and free of obligation to explore his feelings for Jessica.  But shortly before wooing Jessica into his bunk for the night, Rob shared a picture of himself with his girl back home.  The post indicate anything but casual feelings.  Of course, Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier saw it and told her stew.  Hannah also confronted Rob about the situation.  His reply was that he had broken things off with his lady on land to pursue things with Jessica.

It’s the tale as old as time. Yachties and Below Deck fans have seen how this will play out.  It’s easy to forget your life on land as you traverse the wide, endless ocean.  Accountability is minimal and it’s just too easy to claim open relationship status.  Even if you are rooting for Rob and Jessica, the odds of things working out long-term just don’t seem to be in their favor.

It looks like Rob and Jessica are another short-lived boatmance statistic.  Jessica took to Twitter recently to share her side of the story.  She explained that she asked Rob multiple times about his relationship status and had not seen the picture that Hannah was referring to.

“To clarify, everyone BUT ME knew he had a gf he swore to me he was just seeing someone casually (dating/nothing serious) I didn’t see the actual photo that was posted till the show aired,” Jessica tweeted, “I still don’t expect ur sympathy though.”


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A lot of fans shared sympathetic posts though.  Many point out that Rob had the responsibility to be truthful, especially when asked multiple times.  Jessica thanked posters for their support.  She said, “thank you!  I wasn’t apologizing I KNOW I did nothing wrong and in fact had asked multiple times to know what the deal was, I was misled.  But thanks for your support.  It’s all good.”

One fan summed up Team Jessica’s stance with this point, “you were working with the info you had-given how you had been cheated on I fail to believe you would do it to another female…don’t stress it.  people who want to see good see good those that don’t want to won’t ever.”


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Jessica replied, “thank you, I literally vocalized you him that if he did I don’t do that to other women (hence the open relationship stance after)…and that last bit you said couldn’t be anymore true.”

There was some confusion as to whether Jessica saw the picture of Rob with his girl.  The picture that she and Hannah were looking at in the galley was of Rob with Jessica posing on the boat.


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Jessica explained, “no I was showing her the pictures Rob and I took.  Again, I never saw the pic until the show aired, I was only told about it.”

So now we know how this ends, it’s just of question of what happened in between.


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