90 Day Fiance Star Laura Jallali Slams Nicole Nafziger’s Parenting; Nicole Claps Back

In a tale as old as time, a pair of moms are going head-to-head on social media once again! In one corner of the ring, we have Laura Jallali– a fifty-something divorcee and 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way alum who left her child and Floridian life behind to move across the world on a quest for true love and some top-quality “jiggy jiggy.” In the other corner, we have Nicole Nafziger– a twenty-something young mother and 90 Day Fiance alum who left her child and Floridian life behind to travel across the world on a quest for true love and top-quality forbidden PDA. Wait, what?

You read that right. The ladies- who have eerily similar backstories- didn’t mince words on when addressing one another on Instagram recently. Nicole has never really been one to spend much of her valuable time addressing her plethora of haters, but Laura’s comment on her photo of May (and overall irony of the entire situation) certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

Reality Blogger John Yates’ posted screenshots of the entire interaction on his Instagram. Nicole– who has remained active on social media during her questionable vacation to Morocco– posted a sweet photo of her darling (and hungry!) daughter, May. “This is the cutest sleepy face I’ve ever seen,” she wrote as the caption. Laura – who I’m not even sure has ever actually met Nicole- felt this was an appropriate opportunity to offer some unsolicited parenting advice.

Nicole [sic], honestly you need to return to your daughter. Do not make the same mistake I did, she needs her mom and these men are just users. He has a wife and children forget this loser [sic] and come back home to the ppl who really love you.”


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Laura is clearly referring to her own history of abandoning her only child in Florida to move to Qatar so she could marry Aladin Jallali only for it to be crushed several months later. She probably thinks she’s doing Nicole a favour by using her own experience as an example of what not to do while simultaneously fuelling the rumours of Azan Tefou‘s alleged wife and kids he’s been maintaining in secret- something that Nicole’s mother, Robbalee Nafziger, has adamantly denied.

Nicole was quick to notice the comment and didn’t waste any time before clapping back at Laura‘s judgment. In another screenshot posted by John Yates, Nicole said, “I’m sorry for what happened to you but I would never tell another cast member how their situation is because I don’t know anyone’s story.” Seeing how Laura was trying to draw parallels between her own story and Nicole’s, Nicole continued, “Please make no mistake, my story is not yours.”


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Essentially addressing how real-life is oftentimes different than what we see on television and social media, Nicole said, “Being a cast member you should know more than [sic] anyone is to not believe rumors told by liars. I miss my daughter more than anyone can know and no one knows how much we call each other.”

“I’ll be back to my daughter as soon as I can when the right moment comes. My daughter and my family know I’ll be home for her soon. I’ve never left my daughter behind because she knows I’m still with her no matter what.” Clearly annoyed by the constant criticism, Nicole added, “Everyone can judge me for being a bad mom and think what you want. But I know my life and how it is. And when the time is right I’ll show more of it. Thanks.”


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Yikes! To be fair- Nicole handled that better than I would have expected. And frankly, who is Laura to judge anyone for anything? She’s acting like she could have written the handbook on the subject, yet she doesn’t seem to be making any concerted effort to avoid making the same mistakes after recently confirming she’s dating another super young man from a country she doesn’t currently live in.

Seems like we’ve got ourselves a bit of a pot vs. kettle situation here, don’t you think?


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