Married At First Sight Recap: What Happened Last Night

Now that all five couples have been Married At First Sight, it’s time for them to spend their first night together as husband and wife. The day after the wedding, the couples have to meet individually with their new in-laws. How will they fare during an interrogation brunch? The families will also get the chance to learn more about the people that have married into their family.

This year, the honeymoon will take place in Mexico. It will be the first time the couples get to interact with each other, since the bachelor and bachelorette parties. During this trip, each person will witness the dynamics between each match. How will they feel about their marriage once they have others to compare it to? Let’s get straight into the recap!

Amelia & Bennett

Married At First Sight Recap: What Happened Last Night

Amelia and Bennett clearly intended to impress their spouse on their wedding night with their sexy nightwear. He decided to rock a classic moo moo, while she kept it safe in a flannel onesie. The next morning, the happy couple sets off to go to brunch with their in- laws individually. Bennett seems very relaxed and comfortable with his new wife’s family. It isn’t until her mom brings up the possibility of Amelia having to move for her career, that he seems uncomfortable. Bennett gives the best possible answer he can give after only knowing his wife for 24 hours. He doesn’t know if he is ready to move right now, but if he comes to love her as he expects to, then he would do so. Amelia’s meeting with Bennett’s family is a lot more interesting. His mother alone is extremely entertaining and theatrical. Immediately after sitting down, Amelia is gifted with a lollipop and told about some interesting beliefs that Bennett has about children.

After brunch, Amelia questions Bennett about his views on having children. At brunch, she learned he is morally opposed to having biological children. He admits that he doesn’t think it is ethical to have children with the state of over population and all the people who currently don’t have families. Amelia wants children, but doesn’t know how she feels about adoption, just yet. Bennett shares he has since opened up his mind to the possibility of having children, after agreeing to marry a stranger. Clearly, this is one of those conversations that would need to be discussed at length when the time is right. But at least they both know each other’s stance up front.

Amelia and Bennett are the only couple who look like they are about to go backpacking across country rather than their honeymoon to Mexico. Everyone else looks vacation ready, while these two just look like their normal selves. I have to admit, this couple is one of my favorites just because they are so quirky and interesting. After so many seasons of the same types of couples, I find them refreshing.

Olivia & Brett

Married At First Sight Recap: What Happened Last Night

Olivia is already smitten with her husband, Brett. He also thinks the experts did an amazing job picking a spouse that he is compatible with. So far, they both really like one another. Sadly, I don’t think that is going to last. I believe this poor girl is going to be disappointed. At brunch, Olivia meets with Brett’s brothers who inform her they have been stalking her via the internet. When the topic of children comes up, she reveals that she would prefer to wait. Brett, on the other hand is on the hot seat during brunch. When asked about religion, he makes it clear that he doesn’t practice in any organized religion. But he feels that he and his wife have a similar belief structure in the way they govern themselves. This seems to satisfy Olivia’s family, but I believe her dad will be keeping his eye on him throughout this process.


Christina and Henry

Married At First Sight Recap: What Happened Last Night

Henry is the most awkward person I’ve ever seen on reality television. Honestly, I feel bad for Christina. I couldn’t imagine having to pull teeth, just to have a conversation with my spouse. If this guy doesn’t loosen up and start to show an actual personality, I’m in danger of falling asleep every time they appear on screen. When Christina meets her in-laws for brunch, she finally has the chance to laugh and have a decent conversation for the first time since she got married.  God knows she is only getting the bare minimum in that area from her husband. Henry’s dad doesn’t hesitate to warn her of all of his son’s negative traits in an entertaining way. Despite his comical delivery, I hope Christina is paying attention. Henry seems like a coddled brat from his family’s description. Meanwhile, Henry’s meeting is much blander in comparison. This guy really isn’t a conversationalist. Christina’s mom advises him that they should bond through communication. Insert side eye. Well if that is Christina’s love language, these two are doomed.


Karen & Miles

Married At First Sight Recap: What Happened Last Night

For some reason, Karen slept in her full makeup and wedding dress after the wedding. She claimed she was just too tired to change. Maybe it’s just me, but I couldn’t sleep comfortably in full makeup. I think she was uncomfortable with changing into something more relaxed, while sleeping in the bed with her stranger husband. Or maybe she didn’t want to get dressed while the cameras were there, which is understandable. Miles dutifully rubbed his wife’s feet as she drifted off to sleep. I guess sometime during the middle of the night, Karen actually put on her pj’s.

Miles meets with his new in-laws to get to know them better. Karen’s mother makes it clear that she doesn’t him to string along her daughter. His gentle and sincere nature manages to win over her family very quickly. Meanwhile, Karen has a very open conversation with Miles’ family. His parents give her some words of wisdom about their son. Apparently, he is very sensitive and hates to disappoint people he cares about. I really hope Karen remembers that tidbit of info and takes it into account when they have a disagreement. Miles’ overprotective mother just wants to ensure she isn’t going to trifle with her son’s heart. Karen better watch out for Mama Miles, she isn’t playing about her baby!

Now that Karen and Miles are on their honeymoon, you can tell they have begun to get more comfortable with each other. Although she is still guarded, little by little you can see her softening to her husband. Honestly, I think they have great potential as a couple. They only need to allow one another into their hearts. The families already have given their stamps of approval, the rest is up to Karen and Miles.

Amani & Woody

Married At First Sight Recap: What Happened Last Night

After the wedding, Woody takes his new wife, Amani to meet his best friend; Miles and his wife who is also is a part of the experiment. At this point, I think it’s obvious this couple is faring a bit better in the chemistry department. Woody genuinely seems excited to be married. Hopefully that feeling lasts throughout this process. The next morning, Amani meets with Woody’s family and friends. His mother gives Amani cause to worry when she alerts her that although Woody is normally happy, he has an angry side. When Woody meets with Amani’s family he is met with a plethora of questions. When he reveals he has cheated in the past, her family is instantly concerned. Woody puts everyone back at ease when says he intends to remain faithful and only be married once. Let’s hope that is truly the case. After brunch, Amani approaches Woody about what she learned from his family about his temper. He admits that he has been to counseling and has grown from his mistakes in the past. Amani is satisfied with his explanation and doesn’t seem worried that angry Woody will be making reappearance. I find it interesting that his family told his new wife about his temper, if he hasn’t had any incidents in quite some time. Only time will tell if Woody has matured.

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