Real Housewives Of Orange County Stars Kelly Dodd & Braunwyn Windham-Burke Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

When Braunwyn Windham-Burke joined Real Housewives of Orange County last season, she was introduced as a friend of Kelly Dodd. Then, she basically spent the whole season living up Tamra Judge’s ass (and down Tamra’s throat), which didn’t exactly coincide with being a close friend of Kelly’s.

However, it felt like Braunwyn was Cady in Mean Girls, trying so hard to be at the cool girls’ table at lunch. Well, Tamra got the boot, so now Braunwyn needs to align with someone else. It’s unclear who that is at this point, but, apparently, Braunwyn and Kelly aren’t cool these days. Well, that’s what it seems like based on social media. Then again, we all know how impulsive reality TV stars can be when it comes to social media, unfollowing their co-stars and deleting all of their photos for silly reasons. It may not be a big deal at all.

The Bravo Guru shared a screenshot of Kelly and Braunwyn’s list of followed accounts on their Instagram pages. It turns out that they are both not following each other. It could mean just that. Or it could mean that one of them clicked “block.”

But, the unfollowing is only the beginning of the story. I just want to know why there might be issues between Kelly and Braunwyn. After snooping around for clues on social media, I couldn’t find any concrete answers. However, it’s not too hard for me to come up with some guesses. It just seems like these two have very different beliefs. And I’m no the only one who theorizes these very different outlooks could be a contributing factor to a possible rift between the two of them.


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One fan tweeted, “Braunwyn and Kelly are feuding?? @braunwyn I hope you dragged her for being a Tr*mper and acting a fool during this pandemic.” Another Twitter user shared a very similar sentiment, writing, “Kelly is trumpy and thinks COVID isn’t real. Braunwyn was just on Bravo’ s special about racism. Take a guess why they’re no longer friends.”

Another viewer declared, “Braunwyn is too woke for Kelly.”


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However, it might not be that deep. They could also be arguing about something very trivial because, well, this is Real Housewives of Orange County, after all.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]