90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Episode Recap: The Parent Trap

Last night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance The Other Way was a lot, to say the least. After watching the episode, I feel like I need counseling as well. Almost everyone had an issue that would require a stiff drink or the help of a mediator. None of these relationships seem to be in great standing with their families at this point.

Deavan Clegg ‘s mother unleashes her fury on Jihoon Lee after he makes mistake that could have had terrible consequences.  Sumits parents may be ready to meet Jenny Slatten. Kenneth Niedermeier pressures Armando Rubio to announce their engagement to his family.  Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre clash over religion. Brittany Banks is terrified to face Yazan Abo Horira‘s parents again. Let’s get straight to 90 Day Fiance The Other Way the recap!

Deavan, 22 (Salt Lake City, Utah) & Jihoon, 29 (South Korea)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way: The Parent Trap

After just crawling his way out of the dog house, Jihoon is already back in.  Little Drascilla almost runs into the street when he takes her eyes off of her for a moment. Fearing the worst, Deavan yells at Jihoon to grab her daughter. Instead of running faster, Jihoon becomes frustrated and yells back at his wife to stop yelling at him. In Deavan’s eyes this is another example that he isn’t ready to be a father. Clearly, this could have turned out very badly. Deavan needs to give Jihoon some time to get adjusted to a life she has lived 24/7 for the last three years. He clearly isn’t accustomed to dealing with two small children, especially a toddler. Regardless of his learning curve, he will need to get in gear quickly if he wants to save his marriage.

Jihoon is devastated after just nearly avoiding a terrible accident. When he speaks to Deavan’s mom, Elicia she is furious. She makes it clear she doesn’t care about his tears or apology. Jihoon attempts to his explain that he is a new father, but Elicia doesn’t want to hear his excuses. As a grandmother and mother I can understand why she was so upset. But she may have went a little far threatening to kill him if something happens to her granddaughter.


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Jihoon is immature and has lived a coddled life with his parents. But Deavan knew all of this before she decided to marry him and start a family. I think eventually he will become more responsible, but it’s not going to happen overnight. Anyone who has ever dealt with a small child knows that they can be faster than lightening. It only takes a blink of an eye for something bad to happen. After tonight, I think he has learned that lesson as well. I can’t help but feel a little bad for Jihoon.  He just can’t seem to do anything right in his wife’s eyes.

Ariela, 28 (Princeton, New Jersey) and Biniyam, 29 (Ethiopia)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way: The Parent Trap

Biniyam meets with his family to discuss his relationship with pregnant girlfriend, Ariela. Despite their initial meeting going well, his family is still concerned that she will leave the country with his child like his ex-wife. They also inquire as to how they plan to raise their child, since they have so many cultural differences. Although Biniyam assures everyone that his child will be raised with his customs, something tells me he hasn’t actually had that conversation with Ariela.


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Biniyam takes Ariela to his church to learn more about his religion before their son is born. When he speaks to priest he finds out in order to baptize the baby, it must “suckle from a Christian  breast.” Well that was very specific. It automatically rules out Ariela who is Jewish. If she isn’t willing to convert, they can’t baptize their child. Ariela is shocked and isn’t willing to sacrifice anything else for this relationship. When they speak about their options outside of the church, it’s obvious the two are at an impasse.

Kenneth, 57 (St. Petersburg, Florida) and Armando 31, (Mexico)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way: The Parent Trap

Kenneth and Armando celebrate their engagement with friends and family. Kenneth inquires if Armando intends to tell his family they are engaged. Armando isn’t sure that his family’s first meeting with Kenneth is when he should share the news.


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Nonetheless, Armando feels pressured by his fiancé. I think that Armando will have to move slowly with his family. They will be meeting Kenneth for the first time and getting adjusted to Armando’s daughter leaving them. The addition of the engagement may be a lot to process all in one day.


Brittany, 26 (Palm Beach, Florida) and Yazan, 24 (Jordan)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way: The Parent Trap

Yazan and Brittany meet with his parents to try to smooth over things. Yazan’s uncle has agreed to play mediator to ensure things don’t get out of hand this time. Brittany has even decided to dress in a more traditional conservative outfit to show respect. Her goal is to show them that she loves Yazan and isn’t playing with his heart. Well, that isn’t quite true. Poor Yazan still doesn’t know he is engaged to a MARRIED woman. I don’t know why Brittany thinks this secret will never come out. It’s only a matter of time before her lies are discovered and it’s not going to be pretty.


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Yazan’s uncle plays his position as the voice of reason well. He effectively manages to convince Yazan’s parents to agree to a longer engagement period. Yazan’s uncle explains he would prefer Brittany to truly understand their religion and culture before she makes the decision to get married. This would make a sense if Brittany wasn’t secretly holding off the wedding because she isn’t divorced. The visit ends with everyone smiling in agreement. Too bad this happiness is going to be short lived when everyone realizes Brittany has been lying to them this entire time. All I can do is just shake my head at this point.


Jenny, 60 (Palm Springs, California) & Sumit, 30 (India)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way: The Parent Trap

While painting their new home, with something that looks like a child’s watercolors Sumit casually reveals that his parents are ready to speak to him about their relationship. Jenny fears it may just be a ruse to trap him in their house again away from her. Sumit, on the other hand, believes if they don’t want his parents to complicate things after his divorce it’s best to humor them.


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Sadly, Sumit is at his parent’s mercy. They are paying off a large debt for him and they have the power to make his life miserable. If Jenny wants any chance of marrying the “love of her life” she will just have to play nice for now.

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