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Jim Edmonds Slams Meghan Edmonds For Sharing Son’s Diagnosis In Blog Instead Of Telling Him

Real Housewives of Orange County alums Meghan Edmonds (aka Meghan King aka Meghan King Edmonds) and Jim Edmonds are in the running for the messiest reality TV breakup of all time.

Just think, if we see so much of their discord publicly, just imagine how much worse things are privately. They just love arguing with through the press and slamming each other’s parenting.

In a blog post, Meghan revealed that their two-year-old son Hart has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. She wrote, “All the doctors and therapists told me I was just being an overly cautious mother.  I thought I was losing my mind, but I insisted upon an MRI.”

“That MRI confirmed a diagnosis of Periventricular Leukomalacia or PVL which is brain death caused by lack of oxygen.  This is often a precursor diagnosis to Cerebral Palsy,” Meghan wrote.


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In addition to researching treatments, Meghan says she has talked doctors in Chile, Panama, and Egypt about her son. She shared, “I spent 6 weeks in Los Angeles with Hart doing intensive therapy.  I spent 4 weeks in New Orleans going into an oxygen chamber with him every day.  I continued the oxygen therapy in St Louis for an additional 8 weeks for a total of 60 ‘dives’.”

She revealed, “I tried (and failed) to get him into a stem cell study at Duke using his sister’s cord blood.  I got him signed up with the Missouri state program, First Steps, to do every type of therapy available.”


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Meghan shared, “I researched and found private therapists when we traveled so we never skipped a beat.  I did all of this between his first and second birthdays.”

The former Real Housewife revealed, “I wanted to tell you all of this before I tell you this: yesterday Hart was diagnosed with Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy.”


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She explained, “Hart’s new diagnosis really means nothing different and changes nothing.  It just allows him to continue receiving the therapy he’s already getting.  (And I will continue to adapt to his needs as they evolve and change.  For instance our main concern at the moment is balance and marking areas of danger so he can train his brain to react to hazards in ways that don’t apply to you and me.  Some other time I can go into this and other adaptive techniques I use to help his brain.)”

Meghan confessed, “I was expecting this diagnosis.  Even though he’s the same kid I expected it to hit me hard.  But it didn’t. It didn’t hit me hard at all.  In fact I felt relieved.  Think about it this way: it was as mundane as going through life every day without putting the lid on the toothpaste and then finally, I got to put the lid on.  That’s how simple and right it felt.”


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While it “felt right” for Meghan to finally hear that diagnosis, her ex is feeling angry. Apparently, Meghan blogged about this before ever telling Jim about it. Who knows what to believe? Especially when it comes to these two. But, anyway, Jim’s rep who also works with Stassi Schroeder post-firing, told Us Weekly, “Jim is unaware of any such diagnosis and, if it is even true, it is completely unconscionable and absolutely disgraceful that Meghan would announce this on social media without discussing it with him first.”

However, Meghan told the magazine, “Jims statements are untrue and I refuse to address them further.” Once again, you never know what’s going on with the two of them and I wouldn’t put anything past them.


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