Terry Dubrow Sues For Defamation After Claiming Patient Attempted To Extort Him For Butt Lift Gone Wrong

Dr. Terry Dubrow was able to parlay his plastic surgery expertise and his Real Housewives of Orange County screen time to get his own show with Dr. Paul Nassif, Botched.

Now, a patient is claiming that Terry botched her procedure and the whole situation is just so complicated. Let’s try to break it down.

TMZ reported that an ex-patient named Sandy Scoggins is trying to extort Terry. Terry filed legal documents claiming that Sandy threatened him with a federal lawsuit and a report to the medical board if he didn’t settle up with her.

Sandy’s lawyer Larry Stein says Terry gave Sandy a butt lift in July 2019. Terry said he advised her to get post-operative medical care when she returned home to Texas and that he last communicated with her on October 25, 2019.


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 Terry dismissed all of this as an extortion campaign. Then, Sandy filed a suit against him, claiming there was a “tan and white synthetic mesh-like material” found inside Sandy.


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However, the procedure Terry performed didn’t even involve mesh, according to Dubrow’s filing which was obtained by Page Six.

Terry claimed that Sandy’s lawyer use the media to make false statements against him and garner sympathy for her. Sandy’s lawyer said, “Instead of doing the right thing and accepting responsibility for his gross incompetence, he makes claims of extortion.”


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The lawyer also says Terry rushed Sandy’s surgery so he can go film Botched, which resulted in leaving materials inside of her and causing bacterial infections. But, again, Terry didn’t even use the mesh that Sandy claimed was left inside of her.


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[Photo Credit: Dominik Bindl/Getty Images]