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Terry & Heather Dubrow Address Backlash Over Selling Expensive Hand Sanitizer During Coronavirus Pandemic

Times are tough for everyone during this coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is doing what they can to be safe and secure right now. Part of that involves keeping proper hygiene, practicing social distancing, and washing those hands. And, unfortunately, it’s not always possible to get to a sink for a proper hand washing, which is where the hand sanitizer comes in. Well, in theory, anyway. Hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and household cleaning products are hard to find these days.

Luckily for you, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Heather Dubrow are selling $28.95 bottles of hand sanitizer. In case anyone missed it, that was some sarcasm because who wants to spend $28.95 on hand sanitizer? Well, a lot of people objected to the Dubrows attempt to make a buck.

The Real Housewives of Orange County alums spoke out about the backlash during an interview with Page Six. The couple went on ShopHQ to sell the hand sanitizer. Many people took issue with the couple making a profit instead of donating all of the sales to charity.

Heather told the publication that the couple donated $35,000 to California’s Second Harvest Food Bank. She said, “We’ve already donated thousands… to people working on the front line of this pandemic.”


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At least, some of the sales are going to a good cause though. Fancy Pants said, “And we’re giving a portion of the proceeds of our sanitizer to food banks — there are kids who are not getting anything to eat — and to health-care professionals.”

Terry claimed that their product had been developed for “persistence,” which is rather vague. Specifically, he said, “it’s the same technology we used in the room where we prep patients.”


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He justified the expensive price tag because the ingredients are “impossible to find.” The Botched star also said,  that the ingredients are “three times the normal cost [during the pandemic]… We’ve scorched the Earth looking for them.”

In general, sure, that makes some sense. However, these are the people who paid for hexagonal ice cubes. They’re not hurting for cash. Do they really need to make another dollar? Welp, at least some of the proceeds are going to a great cause and that is a good thing for sure.


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