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Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Star Jen Shah Doesn’t Get Why The Other Housewives Don’t Think Mary Cosby’s Marriage Is Weird

I have to admit, Jen Shah is quickly becoming my favorite housewife on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. I know, I know. We are only one episode in. But the moment she stepped out of a Porsche in open toed stilettos into the snow, I knew she was the housewife for me.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jen already has beef. And it’s good beef too. Jen is mad at co-star and ex-friend Mary Cosby for telling her she smelled like a hospital. While Jen readily admits that she might have, it was for a good reason. Jen was visiting her aunt in the hospital, who had just gone through the traumatic experience of getting both legs amputated. Do you think Mary gave a shit? Spoiler alert: no, she did not.

So it’s understandable that Jen might have some choice words about Mary. But one thing she definitely has no qualms talking about is the stranger than fiction marriage situation Mary has going in. In case you missed it, Mary married her step-grandfather. And justified it by saying it was in her granny’s will to do so.

Naturally, Jen shared her thoughts with Daily Mail. According to Jen, when the show started, Mary tried to explain her, erm, unusual relationship. Jen explained, “She’s like, ‘Well, I married my grandfather, but it was because my grandmother put it in her will.”‘


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Jen continued, “When she told me that, I honestly was kind of like, okay, whatever. I didn’t know if it was like a religious thing, you know? And so at that point, I thought, well, okay, if you’re cool, then I’m cool with you.” That’s very nice of her because I would have laughed in her face. And possibly run for the hills. I know we aren’t supposed to be judgmental and all but this? This I am judging.

With that said, Jen let it be known that the castmates don’t stay in each other’s good graces for long. And that Mary’s husband is “the elephant in the room.” Jen wondered, “Why are we not talking about this? This is weird.” Jen believes that the rest of the cast just kind of glides over the whole thing but to her, it’s strange. Duh. It’s strange to all of us.


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Jen said, “Why don’t we address it? If the ladies are kind of like, ‘no, no, no, Mary’s…no she’s so great. She has a lot of Chanel [bags].’ Okay, and she married her grandfather. Like, you just skipped right on over that.”

So it sounds like these Jen and Mary are going to continue to have issues all season. Between hospitals and husbands, it’s easy to see why they might not get along. And I want to see every second of it.


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