Below Deck Stew Elizabeth Frankini Shades Ashling Lorger For Crying About Charter

Kate Chastain, queen of the “bitchy resting face,” never shed a tear while on the job.  The Below Deck alum went through six seasons without losing her cool.  She was good at her job, and handled stress well.  Kate was a prime example of the perfect chief stew.  Her interior crew were not always on the same wavelength.  We’ve seen many tears, and emotional breakdowns over the years.  Understandably so.  It’s a tough job in a non-stop environment that you literally cannot escape.

So it does show true mettle when a stew can handle the pressure without losing their composure.  Chief stew Francesca Rubi cracked on the first charter.  Izzy Wouters wisely chose to leave the environment altogether in favor of working on deck.  Third Stew Ashling Lorger joined the team on charter two.  And after being thrown into the fray with no downtime, she broke down on her first night.

So if anyone is keeping tabs, and Elizabeth Frankini certainly is, she is the only stew that has yet to succumb to her emotions.

Lizzie threw some shade at her coworkers with a tweet that reads, “I never claim to be perfect but I am certainly proud of my stewardess skills and the 4 year career I’ve made in yachting.  I also made it through my first charter on Below Deck without crying.”

The tweet includes a quote, potentially aimed at Francesca.  It reads, “you can lie down for people to walk on you and they will still complain that you’re not flat enough.”  Is this a mismanagement complaint?  Francesca did call Lizzie out for pawning off her ironing duties onto Ashling.  Perhaps a response?


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One commentator suggested that Lizzie was being harsh towards her colleagues. She wrote, “I can’t imagine what all you’re going through being on the show, but I wish you would give some extra thought to this message.  Crying happens to literally everyone and it’s healthy!  It’s often seen as weak, but it isn’t a weakness.  Using it in this tone feels negative.”

Lizzie, chided, backtracked on her original message saying, “thanks, I completely agree!  Crying is definitely not a negative thing to do at all love.  I feel I said it this way to remind myself of my own strength in regards to dealing with what’s to come.  Keep watching and maybe it’ll make more sense.”

Well, that implies that there is a lot more crying to come this season.  Viewers love the drama, and some are armchair experts about the demands of the job.


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Izzie jumped in to defend Ashling when a follower posted, “I see that she’s already going to be crying in her very first episode.”

“You would too if you just flew 48 hours with no rest and worked a 16 hour laborious day,”  Izzie responded.

It seems like these girls are just plain exhausted.  The poster acknowledged the toll that can take,”oh don’t get me wrong.  I couldn’t handle that job at all, everyone that works on yachts is obviously very tough and strong.”

It looks like we are in for a hectic season.  Will all cast members make it to the end?


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