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Eddie Lucas Hopes For “Redemption Season” As He Returns To Below Deck After Cheating On His Girlfriend During Season 3

Listen, if you are trying to return to Below Deck after making yourself look like an idiot, come get your moment. Last time we saw Eddie Lucas, he was being a complete tool in the laundromat of motor yacht Eros. Much to Eddie’s delight, after the ridiculous season viewers had with Below Deck Mediterranean, his previous discrepancies might be easier to handle.

Fans are thrilled to have Captain Lee Rosbach return at the helm, but the majority of his crew are new to us. The only familiar face is Eddie. The bosun’s previous dalliances with a crew member left him wallowing in shame and begging for his girlfriend’s forgiveness (we were ON A BREAK!). After departing the show on a pretty bad note, Eddie is back with his tail between his legs for that redemption edit.

The 8th season of Below Deck has finally arrived and it’s bringing broken ribs, psycho guests, and the Rona. It also brought Eddie back on board as bosun. Eddie did a real number on himself during the show’s third season by banging Rocky Dakota on the downlow in a romantic setting that included detergent and fabric softener. Rocky might have been the human version of a headache, but she in no way deserved how Eddie treated her because he got busted.

Eddie became frontrunner in the Asshole Hall of Fame when he lied about his dirty laundry, literally. Not only did Eddie gaslight and slut-shame Rocky, he disappointed Captain Lee. It wasn’t a good look and he did the right thing by hiding taking a break from television. Eddie spoke with Digital Spy about his return and what he hopes to achieve.


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“I thought it’d be a good time to come back and have a little bit of a redemption season,” Eddie said. True that. Time heals many wounds and fans are still medicating after Below Deck Med’s Captain Sandy Yawn and sycophant Malia White pretty much killed feminism in the name of Maritime Law. We could use some nice guy Eddie right about now.

Eddie added, “After my last season I was on, I left being pretty embarrassed and disappointed in myself. I felt that this would be a good time to kinda come back and be a good time to show that those really stupid mistakes I made were just that – a mistake in my life. It’s water under the bridge. I wanted to come back and show the viewers, and prove to Captain Lee also, that I’m still professional. I’m still a good bosun and I can get the job done.” Yes, humiliating a human being on national television was indeed a “stupid mistake”.


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After Kate Chastain sailed her last voyage, new Chief Stew Francesca Rubi might reveal what she lacks in snark, she makes up for in tears. Everyone else is about 50 shades of green. Eddie shared, “This season, Captain Lee didn’t have Kate [Chastain] with him anymore and I think he needed a little ace in the hole. Somebody he could rely on.” Sure dude, just keep your texting fingers in check and stay away from the spin cycle.

Eddie explained, “He [Captain Lee] definitely reached out to me to come back and work with him again. I’m always happy to work with Captain Lee. He’s a good friend of mine, really a lot of fun to work with.” Hopefully Eddie won’t blow his second chance and learned from his mistakes. It’s easy to make an ass out of yourself and apologize, but it takes effort to overcome shitty behavior because of bad choices. Stay tuned to see if Eddie deserves receives the redemption he seeks and finally gets a handle on that whole “stupid mistakes” thing.


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