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Shep Rose Says Cameran Eubanks Never Did Anything To Undermine Kathryn Dennis

Southern Charm Season 7 started out with a lot of Cameran Eubanks-centered drama. However, Cameran quit the show by then. The one time Cam actually had a storyline that didn’t involve her casting judgment on someone else’s life, she just peaced out. She even had her close friend Leva Bonaparte who would have been in her corner if she decided to confront Kathryn Dennis.

Kathryn spread rumors that Cam’s husband Jason Wimberly was cheating on her. Instead of just denying this on the show (if it is indeed false) and putting Kathryn in her place, Cameran just stopped filming. Is that the ultimate sign of maturity? Or is it just simply an example of “when there’s smoke, there’s fire”? I guess we will never really know. Was it messy for Kathryn to spread this gossip? Hell, yes (especially if it is false). However, as the flashbacks showed, Cameran was not kind to Kathryn for many years. Does that justify what Kathryn did? No, but it’s certainly a messy situation.

Recently, Shep Rose stuck up for Cam during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Shep said, “Whatever problems you might have, it’s probably not because of someone else, typically. So, to pass the buck and to have this stored up negativity? Cameran never did anything to undermine her.” Really, Shep? Cameran never did one thing ever? Does Shep not watch his own show? Yes, Kathryn pulling this stunt reflects poorly on Kathryn, but Cameran is not 100% innocent (which no one truly is).

Reflecting on Cam’s less-than-kind past with Kathryn, Shep theorized, “I think Cameran wishes she could do that over again, because all Kathryn was asking for is to have a cup of coffee and she politely declined, but does that make her someone who has been sort of rooting for Kathryn’s demise or has like tried to undermine her?” Again, has Shep watched this show? Sure, Cameran came around to support Kathryn once everyone else did, but she was definitely very much against her during the early years of Southern Charm.


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Nevertheless, Shep said Cameran was “definitely not” rooting against Kathryn. He continued, “So, I hate the rumor that was brought up. I don’t believe it. But you know, again, we all signed up for this, so I don’t know [what] other people’s thought processes are. Wish I did.”

Cameran had the easiest time in reality TV history, sharing zero bits of her personal life. For her to ditch the show as soon as something comes up about her own life is rather interesting, but good for her, I guess?


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