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Reza Farahan Regrets His Comments About Mercedes Javid’s Abortions; Says Pandemic Brought Them Back Together

The last season of  Shahs of Sunset was underwhelming to say the least. The reality is, much like Vanderpump Rules, the Shahs have seen better days. And no one really wants to watch these people grow up. Especially when they spend so little time actually growing. It seems like none of the Shahs have really changed in a good way.

One shining example of just how little growth is going on within the cast was this past season’s beef between Reza Farahan and Mercedes “MJ” Javid. In the season’s most explosive episode, they had an epic pool party screaming match. It ended with Reza screaming at MJ that her uterus exploded because she had ten abortions. For context – MJ had a major scare while giving birth to her son, Shams. The complications resulted in a hysterectomy and MJ not being able to carry any more children. And yes, Reza used that against her. If I’m being honest, MJ handled it much better than I would have. Then again, after being friends with Reza for so long, I guess she is used to it.

With the upcoming new season about to start, Reza is trying to redeem himself despite being irredeemable clear the air on where everything stands between he and MJ. And he has some regrets.

Reza told Entertainment Tonight, “Obviously, [I have] nothing but regret.” I would hope so when you yell out someone’s private medical information that was disclosed to you in confidence. Anyway.

Despite the blow up, Reza and MJ have found their way back to a friendship. Ugh, really? Reza shared, “I don’t know if God was — or whatever higher power you believe in — was looking down thinking, ‘OK, I need to change the way the world works right now so Reza and MJ can find a way back to one another to make sense out of it,’ because the pandemic changed everything for me, really. And I’m so grateful because I was able to see her value and not see what had happened and really, for me, forgive and want better.” I am so disappointed MJ fell for this shit.


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According to Reza, MJ made the first move and invited him over after the reunion. Reza recalled, “We sat in the grass in her neighborhood and we just reconnected. There was so much pain from the things that I did … and I wanted to clean up as much of it as I could. And the pandemic allowed me the silence to get to a place where I could just talk about me and not really point fingers about the things that I felt provoked me or whatever that was focused on me.”

He continued, “I never blamed anything on cameras but when we are in the mode where there is a camera in our vicinity, let’s just say, there’s another layer of pressure, right? And it’s not anything that you’re aware of. It’s just something you feel. And I don’t want to blame anyone other than myself. The pandemic allowed me the silence to be able to look at my life.” After their meeting in her yard, the costars took baby steps to renew their friendship.


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Reza also attributed his new level of awareness to self-reflection and a book deal to write a memoir. I cannot believe someone gave this man a book deal. Either way, we are stuck with another season of Reza masterminding who everyone is going to bully all season. It’s his MO year after year and the rest of the cast falls for it everytime. Will this be the season that they finally catch on?


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