Below Deck Sailing Yacht Fans Think Captain Glenn Shephard Is Dating Sydney Zaruba; Captain Glenn Clarifies Their Status

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 was a doozy. There was a budding romance between Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux and Dani Soares that lead to a surprise pregnancy, and a whole lot of drama. Gary King found himself in the middle of a love triangle with Alli Dore and Sydney Zaruba, even though he had a girlfriend since he first boarded Parsifal III. There were boat crashes, horrible guests, and more, so it was a textbook example of what makes for a great season of reality TV.

The Below Deck reunion was just as explosive. Alli and Sydney finally went head-to-head over their Gary issues. Even though Alli revealed she’s also a mom-to-be, and thankfully, Gary is not the father. Dani and the crew didn’t hold back on bashing J.L., even though he tried to defend himself in a solo appearance. But one subtle bomb was dropped that went over many viewers’ heads during the reunion, and it involves a suspected (and unexpected) rumored romance for Captain Glenn.

Sydney revealed during Part 2 of the reunion that she’s dating a captain. And it looks like that just may actually be her boss Glenn Shephard. Glenn posted a photo with Sydney on his Instagram with the caption “I guess the news is out.” Mind. Blown.

Sydney commented hearts on the post keeping things vague. This comes after she posted a lengthy thank you to Glenn on her own Instagram page, but kept her caption on the professional side. Needless to say, fans in the comments were dumbfounded at the surprise pairing. “Whaaaaa? No way! Really? What an odd match,” someone wrote. Other fans simply asked Glenn to clarify the news.


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Other viewers realized that Sydney possibly subtly dropped the bomb during the reunion and were shook to have missed the hint.  “When she said she was dating a captain it [sure] went over my head!!!! crazy i never would have thought but cute if so,” a fan wrote. “Sydney said she’s been dating her captain for 5 months she meantttt,” another wrote. So Captain Glenn wasn’t kidding when he said he’s “got game.” Or was he?

Some commenters believe Glenn is just messing with fans by hinting at a relationship in the photo. “I love how everyone is going to run with this…… nice one Glenn,” a fan wrote. So is Captain Glenn just trolling all of us? Or is he really revealing a relationship with one of his deckhands? I need answers, Parsifal III crew, NOW.


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Well, if you scroll down to Glenn’s now-edited caption, read the whole thing. He added, “And the news is: Sad and I are great friends. And she’s dating a captain. A different captain.”  That would have been quite the twist though.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]