Big Brother Christian Birkenberger and Sarah Beth Steagall

Who Got Evicted From Big Brother 23 During Week 5?

It’s her party and she’ll cry if she wants to. Did you guys know it’s Sarah Beth Steagall’s birthday week? I don’t know how you could have missed it. During last night’s Veto comp she was basically spiraling over possibly earning a punishment after she landed in FIFTH PLACE out of six. I am still floored she walked away with $5k after that display. Fifth place! And she’s “playing a solo game.” Derek Xiao is a real one for letting her get away with that in the Big Brother house. Happy 28th, Sarah!

After his kindness, Derek ended up with a bathroom punishment that looked brutal. He was tasked with unlocking the toilet literally any time someone needed to use it. Hannah Chaddha was essentially guzzling code red in her matching 2000’s half-piggies as a means to spend any time with her crush. Most importantly, Britini D’Angelo applied some pawn-be-gone and straight hulked herself into winning the Veto!

Once Britini removed herself from the block, Derek got brave and threw Christian Birkenberger’s name up. And thus began the scramble. That is, after a small bathroom break. Christian’s need to relieve himself meant he had full command of Derek’s time. Awkward! Just before using the loo, Christian did his best to convince Derek it was in his best interest to send Sarah Beth home. Sarah Beth tried a different strategy out. She chose to lay low and play it cool.

Regardless of anyone’s strategy on the block, Tiffany Mitchell was mixing it up this week. I got motion sick watching her scurry around the house trying to rummage votes up for Christian(?) At least thats where she landed. It was a lot to track. At one point she changed her vote strategy in the same breath she threw Derek Frazier under the bus for being a flip-flopper. Double whoopsie. There goes the Cookout Alliance!

After sleeping the week away, Derek is risen. He did not back down from Tiffany in the slightest for her switch up. I think he’s going to start bringing it in the next week or so. I can’t wait to see him shine.


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In the final speeches, Christian said he would look forward to being everyones friends when this is all over. It was melancholy and somewhat telling. Sarah Beth did her faux  sleep voice over persona justice. Her final statement was all the regular arguments. She said she’d be impartial in jury, she loves everyone, and … she seems to already knows where the votes will land.

This was our first split vote of the season. Things are really starting to spice up and we love to see it! Thanks, Tiff! Most everyone did vote for Christian, evicting him from the Big Brother house. Only two stragglers voted to evict Sarah Beth. That was Xavier Pather and of course Christian’s houseboo Alyssa Lopez. And ICYMI, Christian and Alyssa shared quite the lip lock on his way out!

In his exit interview with Julie ChenChristian said he is hoping to pursue something with Alyssa once she leaves the Big Brother house. He also said he “didn’t stand a chance” at dodging eviction this week. Mainly due to his stats and comp prowess. Christian left saying, “I really didn’t come for the money, I came to make some good friends, and I did.” Sweetie.


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