Who Got Evicted From Big Brother 23 During Week 8?

Tiffany Mitchell’s reign this week was one for the books. She was able to pull off a vengeful elimination while continuing to strike fear into another house guest’s heart. We love to see it. I have Tiffany winning my Big Brother bracket this year, and I am feeling optimistic!

Right after winning HOH this week Tiff had Claire Rehfuss celebrating like she had won too. Claire named Tiffany as her biggest ally in the house and, wow. Tiffany is in an alliance with 2/3 of the house, and it doesn’t include Claire. When I say Tiffany came to play…

After Derek Xiao was evicted last week, the house was in a STATE. Kyland Young was sobbing. Sarah Beth Steagall’s bangs were tucked into her glasses. Must I go on?! Tiffany was pretty clearly going to go after SB for her targeting of DX last week. And so it began.

SB knew she was in trouble almost instantly. She tried to throw Alyssa Lopez under the bus to Tiffany early on. That went nowhere quick. Tiffany put Sarah Beth and Kyland on the block without even batting an eyelash. Then SB was treated to a $50 paycheck in the high roller room for yet another week. This poor woman. She is taking it from every angle and it’s showing. Luckily she’ll be in the therapeutic embrace of Baby Derek soon enough.

After saving up her nickels and playing in the Coin Of Destiney challenge, Claire won the power of being an anonymous HOH! Rather than play her own game, Claire did Tiffany’s bidding and left noms the same. This meant Sarah BethKyland, and Xavier Prather were all on the block. Remember, Xavier was an auto-nomination after earning a punishment last week. But that didn’t last long.

After playing a puzzle Veto comp, Hannah Chaddha walked away with the power this week. This is where Kyland gave a 101 lesson in why you don’t catch feelings in the BB house. He is obviously unaware of his status in the game. He tried to convince Hannah to save him this week. His reasoning? To give Sarah Beth a mercy vote and to spare her from having to sit by him on elimination night. Does that seem reasonable in a game with $750k on the line?

Of course, Hannah sees right through Kyland and keeps the anonymous HOH noms the same. She takes Xavier of the block and Kyland is actually surprised. The poor little lamb better chug some go-go juice because he is playing with some wolves.

As The Cookout stares down their final six, talk starts turning to who of the six should go first. Kyland must be off the slop because he actually starts to come alive. He’s offering to take Tiffany to final two while telling Xavier and Derek Frazier to plan on a top three mens alliance.

In the end, Sarah Beth was voted out by a vote of 5-1. Her final speech was pretty meh. She basically asked everyone to try and come up with a reason to keep her without offering any ideas of her own. Kyland was confident and really didn’t even state his case. Strangely, Tiffany threw SB the pity vote as a promise to Kyland.

Sarah Beth rationalized her eviction saying, “I think that people ended up seeing me as more of a threat.” She also thought people voted for her over Kyland because, “[He] might have seemed more like he would be by himself.” This Cookout Alliance is seriously so low key I can’t even handle it!

As far as her game play regrets Sarah Beth mentioned, “I regret being so obvious in my loyalty to Kyland.” She also shared that she regretted not playing more closely with Tiffany and Claire. Sarah Beth said she thought Tiffany and Claire were likely the anonymous HOH. That hunch was confirmed when she watched Claire’s farewell video.

Sarah Beth’s farewell videos were the most intriguing so far in BB23. She was given that HOH hot tip from ClaireKyland let on about The Cookout alliance. My favorite was Hannah who called her out for turning on people she was supposed to protect. Tough talk from someone in a secret alliance cakewalking to the final six.

And in case anyone is actually interested in the friend-mance between Ky and SB; In her exit interview Sarah Beth made it clear there is no love lost between the two. She explained, “It was very difficult but Kyland’s a very easy person to play with. He knew how hard I wanted to be here and he never took me campaigning for myself personal.” D’aawwww. Friends forever!


[Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Image]