Mike Shouhed Says Destiney Rose Has No Storyline Other Than Getting Involved In Other People’s Drama On Shahs Of Sunset

Shahs of Sunset has officially wrapped their season. And if you’ve read anything I’ve written about them before, you know I wasn’t impressed with it at all. Sorry to the fans out there that enjoyed it. It felt like the same old song and dance we’ve seen before. Reza Farahan and Mercedes “MJ” Javid trying to mend fences. And of course, Mike Shouhed’s alleged cheating. Which by the way, always turns out to be true. So while Mike let Reza and and MJ fight over the state of their future relationship, he tried to slide by with his own issues. And it didn’t work. Because his friends/castmates are always holding each other accountable, even if it is in the most toxic of ways.

One such person caught in the middle of Mike’s cheating drama was Destiney Rose. The major mistake that she made was being friends with Mike’s girlfriend, Paulina Ben-Cohen. So when Mike’s sexting came to light, Paulina leaned on Destiney for support. And Destiney provided it. This didn’t sit well with Mike, who attacked Destiney time and time again for it. And while they seemingly made up at the reunion, Mike still can’t help but deflect his problems onto her.

On an episode of Watch What Happens Live, Mike went in on Destiney again. Host Andy Cohen used a viewer question and asked, “Do you think Destiney is being too much of a pot stirrer by bringing up your drama? And where do the two of you stand today?”

Mike responded, “Let’s see what happened last year. She was involved in the drama. this year, she’s involved in the drama. She has not much of a story line other than that so, yeah. The proof is in the pudding.” Now, Mike. It’s so hard for me to agree with him in any sense because I truly feel like he is a habitual liar. I mean, claiming that his iCloud account was hacked and that’s how sexual text messages got on his phone? Even Paulina didn’t believe that.


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But, what I will say is that Mike isn’t wrong about Destiney. She doesn’t have much of a story line. Ok, she doesn’t have one at all. And she is involved in everyone’s drama. When she gets confronted about it, she acts like she has no idea what anyone is talking about. I truly can’t stand that about her. We need a pot stirrer on every show. So just own that it’s you, Destiney.

With all that said, Destiney’s real mistake was letting Paulina confide in her. Friends or not, she should have known that getting in between a couple in the middle of a cheating scandal is never a good call. And any viewer at home could have told Destiney that Paulina wasn’t going to leave Mike. The sad part is, he will likely do it again. Hopefully when it happens, Destiney will have learned her lesson and just stay out of it.


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