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Shahs Of Sunset Star Mike Shouhed Admits He Was Not Hacked; Confessed To Inappropriate Texting With Another Woman

Shahs of Sunset is back for Season 9 and off with a bang and plenty of teeth whitener. Unlike other shows, it doesn’t need to bring on someone’s sister every year for stunt casting in the interest of not boring people to death. Their personal drama is quite enough and seemingly never ends.

This cast is messy, but it works for them. Speaking of messes, Mike Shouhed began the season in a spot of trouble. It seems he was the victim of an aggressive computer whiz intent on gaining unauthorized access to his iCloud data. And if you believed that, there’s a lovely bridge in Brooklyn for sale. ‘Ol Mike might have fooled his girlfriend for a minute, but she was the only one. Now in a shocking twist, Mike admits he did in fact color outside the lines of his relationship. Again.

Shahs of Sunset viewers will recall Mike’s marriage to Jessica Parido. Mike ultimately cheated but didn’t do it without lying for the majority of the season. He gaslit his wife until eventually admitting to being a douchelord that can’t keep his dool in his pants. He’s basically the better-dressed version of Jax TaylorThe couple divorced, because Jessica is a rare individual who wouldn’t sacrifice dignity to be on television.

Mike traveled a lonely path until he met Paulina Ben-Cohen. Paulina is not hurting for funds, whereas Mike probably throws caution to the wind and prays for a credit increase on his very broken-in Visa. Mike and Jessica Paulina enjoyed good times but dude must have the attention span of a gnat because he screwed up again. Recently, Mike apologized for lying not being burdened by the anchor of loyalty.

According to Page Six, Mike blames latest fuck up on… Covid? Sure, why not! “It was a dark time. We were going through COVID, being on lockdown, and I let the anxiousness of going through that and just being bored allow me to do things I shouldn’t have done,” Mike said. Jessica Paulina, girl, come get your good decision-making skills. Mike added, “Looking back, I feel really stupid for allowing myself to engage in that conversation, even though those text messages were for a few hours and one day that those messages happened, reliving it now feels like… like it was going on for a long period of time.” The lie, lie, and deny game is strong with this one.


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But guys, it hurt Mike too, not just Jessica Paulina. “It just hurt her, it hurt me. It was a learning experience and I realize that I shouldn’t do that. I’m glad we got past it and are in a much better place now.” On the bright side, Mike has grown from the experience. Sure, Jan. “Because of it I grew and we’re in a much better place today than when we were when this show was being filmed.” Translation, Paulina is either very, very forgiving or the lure of high definition television is worth being cheated on.

Mike shared that he “groveled” and “begged” for Paulina’s continued alimony forgiveness and now the couple are more in love than ever. Pause for eyeroll. “I realized that what I have with Paulina means more to me that any amount of stimulation I might have gotten from a conversation I shouldn’t have had.” Paulina appears to have accepted Mike’s apology, as she recently posted a photo of Mike on Instagram and captioned it, “my heart”.


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Let’s hope another worldwide pandemic doesn’t force Mike into the depravity of suggestive correspondence again. Paulina will have PTSD every time Mike’s phone dings, so perhaps next season a burner phone will make an appearance as a new cast member. Some say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and Mike continues to confirm that theory because he’ll share his bone with most anyone.


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