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Love Is Blind Alum Jessica Batten Is Engaged

If you watched Netflix’s unconventional dating show Love Is Blind, you obviously remember Jessica Batten. She went on the show where couples weren’t allowed to see each other until they were already deep in relationships with each other. And despite the setup, some couples, including Jessica and Mark Cuevas, got engaged prior to their first face-to-face encounter. It’s almost as crazy as Married At First Sight. 

Jessica was. no doubt the villain of the show. She and Mark hit it off from the start, but she couldn’t get over (as she constantly reminded viewers) their age gap. She also was into Matt Barnett, who had a bad habit of leading women along and finding himself in quite a love triangle. In the end, Mark came out victorious, with Jessica accepting his engagement. But once they got to the altar, Jessica famously said “I don’t” and left him hanging.

Since then, Jessica and Mark have both moved on. And while there’s been a cheating scandal here and there, they both have seemed to find their happily ever after. People reports that Jessica is newly engaged to her boyfriend of a year-and-a-half Benjamin McGrath.

Benjamin proposed to Jessica in a grand romantic gesture at a winery in California, with their family and friends there to celebrate. Considering we saw Jessica let her dog drink out of her glass of wine on the show, it sounds like a fitting move.


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Jessica told People that she’s been floating on cloud nine since the proposal. “I don’t think it has quite sunk in,” she added. Let’s hope it sinks in before they make it to the altar, so we don’t have another Love Is Blind part 2 incident.

Jessica also said she had already planned her response — inspired by the show Suits — to accept Benjamin’s proposal. “‘Do I have brains in my head? Do I have a heart in my chest?,’ Jessica said she answered. “So that’s what I said instead of ‘yes.’ We were both crying.” Sounds a little like she forgot that she’s not on TV anymore but to each his own. Also, why can’t this girl ever just give a straight answer? But good for her for finding love after she clearly alienated plenty of viewers on Love Is Blind. Even villains deserve a happily ever after.


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