Kyland Young Doesn’t Regret His Comments About Xavier Prather’s Nephew He Made Following Big Brother Eviction

Big Brother 23 is finished and we have crowned our winner! Spoilers ahead. Beware.

Besides Xavier Prather walking away with the W and the historical Cookout alliance strategy shaking the traditional game play to its core (shoutout Tiffany Mitchell!), the third biggest thing to come out of this season was fans distaste for Kyland Young. The scrutiny was well earned too.

During his eviction from the final four, Kyland decided to linger in the house to chastise his former bestie Xavier for his game play decisions. Kyland went so far as to bring Xavier’s child-nephew into the conversation. It was very obvious by the content, implication, non-verbals, and mood, that the other houseguests were uncomfortable with Kyland’s commentary. Host Julie Chen had to yell over the house speakers to urge Kyland to exit ASAP.

Following his EARNED eviction, Kyland sat down for an interview with Us Weekly. Of course, the conversation with Xavier came up and Kyland was asked, “[You] mention[ed] something personal about Xavier’s family. Do you have regrets on the way you exited the house?” Before we get to his answer, I think we all already know what it is.

Kyland, true to form, admitted he did not regret his exit from the house. In fact, he tried to blame everyone else for not simply hearing his literal words. As if communication is limited to the literal words and not the context. Not to mention he’s playing a game based on lies and deceit for a cash prize. But anyways, let’s get into this rambling rationale…

“As far as exiting the house,” Kyland began, “I would look at my conversation with [Derek Frazier]. I told him that his best strategic move would be to send me out if Xavier didn’t use the veto. So, I hold no ill will or disrespect toward him. And honestly, I don’t hold ill will or disrespect toward anyone. I’m a very literal person. I wouldn’t say blunt because I think blunt sometimes lacks honesty. As far as literal, I look at the words that I said to Xavier, and I hope that other people do the same.” Oh. We did.

Kyland continued, “[Xavier] and I had had extensive conversations about people that we admire such as Kobe Bryant and Goku, and specifically how we love that they are people who face their competition head on, one-on-one, at their best. They give them an opportunity, like, ‘Hey, I want you at your best because I want to go head-to-head with you.'” Remember when Kyland misled and deceived Sarah Beth Steagall for the entire season without any emotion around it? Me too. And if you missed it, go find a blog about Kyland’s behavior towards SB on the lives…cause…oof. The hypocritical demand for honor and empathy is real.

The backward logic kept up, though, and Kyland rambled on, “I thought that that was something that Xavier and I aligned on because that’s what he told me they cared about. That’s what he told me that they valued. That’s what he told me that his family valued. I called out how this move proved that that was untrue.” WHY IS THAT YOUR ROLE THOUGH!?! As if playing BB23 is a lesson in ethics and honor in the first place! I can’t with this one!

Kyland tried to make it make sense. He said, “The words that I said aren’t something I regret because objectively they were true. Did I realize that they would also strike a chord? Of course, you got to have some fun on your way out. But as far as my word choice, I feel good about that because I know that if you run it back and look at the actual words used, there was nothing I said that wasn’t objectively true, given the context of the conversations that Xavier and I had. So, obviously, I hope that him and his family take no personal offense to it when they take in that context and the literal words themselves.”

So there you go. Kyland knew he would “strike a chord” but didn’t mean to “offend” anyone. They’re just words, and they’re not working very well.


[Photo Credit: CBS]