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Bachelor In Paradise Stars Joe Amabile And Serena Pitt Are Planning To Move In Together Next Spring

During Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise, viewers watched Joe Amabile hit the beach once again. “Grocery Store Joe” met his previous girlfriend, Kendall Long, on Season 5 of the show. Confronted with all the memories, Joe almost left BIP on the first day.

Then, he met Serena Pitt. Soon the couple was loved up. The duo survived Serena going on a date with another man early on, and the return of Joe’s ex-girlfriend Kendall.

According to Variety, during the season finale, Joe dealt with an unexpected surprise: another visit from Kendall. Kendall wanted closure (again,) but she congratulated Joe on his new-found happiness. Then, after Serena professed her love, Joe got down on one knee and popped the question.

In an interview with US Weekly, Joe and Serena discussed their engagement and where they plan on living. Serena didn’t expect Joe to propose.

“I was super surprised. I mean, we had kind of joked around and teased the idea of like ‘what if we got engaged,’ but leaving fantasy suites the plan on the table was like, ‘we’re just going to leave together in a relationship,'” Serena remarked in a video clip. “We love each other, you know, I felt like he was the one and vice versa but the logic in me was like we should just leave in a relationship. So, I was shocked.”

Joe stated, “It’s not fun to be logical. I threw it out the window for this one.” I’m so glad that my favorite BIP couple ended up together!

“We really let ourselves go, I would say up to a week prior to the engagement, we were both on the same page of leaving together,” Joe explained. “So, when you get to that level as quickly as we did, the next thing you know you’re down on one knee and boom!”

Of course, the couple has discussed where they will settle down. “Right now, we’re splitting time between Chicago and Toronto, and then we are planning on moving in together in the spring. We’re deciding between probably three locations, either Toronto, Chicago or New York,” Joe shared. “We’ll figure it out.”


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Serena noted that the couple has “a little bit of time” before they make a decision. “We’re definitely excited to take that step in the relationship and, you know, we both love the East coast, but it’s kind of whatever makes the most sense for us personally and professionally at the time,” she said.

So, how did Serena’s parents feel about the couple’s engagement? Serena remarked, “They’re very loving and supportive and as much as I would say, they’re still a little bit shocked by all of it — I mean, it’s just very unconventional — [but] they’re just excited to be a part of it and be able to share it now with their family and friends and get to know Joe more,” she added.

“I mean, they’re wonderful people and very similar to my family in a way. But yeah, I mean they’re obviously … “ Joe commented. “They’re like, ‘You’re engaged to a stranger!’ when I called them,” Serena exclaimed. Joe commented, “That’s the difficult part, right? Because they’ve never met me. We’re slowly building the relationship,” he added.

Congratulations, Joe and Serena!


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