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The Challenge Stars Amanda Garcia And Fessy Shafaat Split Up Amid Cheating Accusations

Well that was fast. It was only about a month ago that it was revealed The Challenge stars Amanda Garcia and Fessy Shafaat were dating. And it seemed like things were going pretty well when they couple was busy posting their PDA packed Mexico trip on Instagram. But now they are officially done, thanks to cheating rumors.

As reported by E! News, Amanda caught Fessy with another woman when some pictures of his misdeeds surfaced online. She took to her Twitter to call him out. Amanda tweeted, “For all of you tagging me in the video and pictures….I’ve seen it. He’s a f–kin trashbag & I’m done with it. Sacrificing a real one with a temporary hoe at the bar. Smfh. I can’t. Cancelling my trip to Florida next week & he def not comin to CO before the reunion anymore.”

But Amanda doesn’t want anyone’s pity over her relationship gone bad. After all, Fessy’s nickname is “Messy Fessy.” She went on, “Don’t be sorry. I don’t need pity from y’all. I gave someone a chance who didn’t deserve it. It ain’t my loss, it’s his.” Totally agree with this. I think Amanda knew that there was a good chance that Fessy would screw her over, but she tried anyway. At the very least, I hope she had fun in the process. And haven’t we all dated this kind of jerk?

Amanda also goes on to say that while Fessy was posted up at the bar with a mystery woman, he was still texting her. Amanda continued, “Lmfao all while texting and calling me in between. Clownnnnnn.”


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As for Fessy, he’s taken the vague route, posting Drake lyrics to his Instagram. His lyrics read, “When a good thing goes bad, it’s not the end of the world. It’s just the end of a world that you had with one girl and she’s the reason it happened but she’s overreacting.” Let’s face it, you know you’re dealing with an F Boy when he starts quoting Drake.

I have no doubt that Amanda will move on quickly and without issue. She’s known as a badass on and off the show and she doesn’t give a crap about what anyone thinks of her. I’m already hoping they both come back next season so Amanda can get some much needed revenge.


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