Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton The Challenge

Cheyenne Floyd Explains Why She Didn’t Want Cory Wharton To Be On The Current Season Of The Challenge

For all you MTV fans, you’re likely very familiar with Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton. The two met many years ago on The Challenge and then had a daughter, Ryder, together. Since then, they have been cast on Teen Mom OG. While they aren’t together now, they still have to navigate the MTV world of shows together. Especially since Cory has appeared on more than half a dozen seasons of The Challenge. So you would think Cheyenne would be used to it.

Well, not this time. Cheyenne explains to Us Weekly why she didn’t want him to appear on this season of The Challenge. Despite Cory being her ex and Cheyenne being engaged and expecting with her fiancé, Cheyenne just wasn’t on board. She said, “Ryder is getting older, and I was very, very pregnant when he left. I just wanted to handcuff him to Ryder and then to his house. Like, I did not want him to leave. And I was very — probably a little bit too vocal about that.”

Cheyenne continued, “Normally I’m like, ‘Go have fun. Don’t ever come back.’ You know? But this one, I was like, ‘Nope, you need to stay right here.’ And he’s like, ‘Got to go!’ So we butted heads. Yeah, we definitely butted heads.”


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For his part, Cory tried to explain their relationship back in July. He explained, “I think this upcoming season [of Teen Mom OG], we start to see that it’s starting to affect Ryder a little bit, [the time of] me being away.” Cory went on, “That’s what I have to kind of take a step back and realize, ‘OK, I’m not going to be able to get this time back in my child’s life.’ It’s a hard decision. It’s like, do you take this work opportunity and this great chance that you have? Or do you be there for your family? It’s a tough decision for sure.”

But according to Cheyenne, all is good again. She revealed, “Oh, we’re back [to] great right now. Ryder really, really loves her dad, and she loves going over to her dad’s house.” Cheyenne also admitted what a great father Cory is and said of Ryder, “She looks forward to their fun weekends because Cory is super active going to the beach, taking her to the park and she really enjoys that. I like when my kid is happy. So as long as he’s in town, she’s happy. It’s when he does The Challenge where it gets a little rocky.”


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