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Jennie Nguyen’s Niece Accuses Her Of Faking Storylines For Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City

There’s a lot to uncover of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jennie Nguyen.  So far we know that she had humble beginnings as a Vietnamese refugee.  She and husband Duy Nguyen made a fortune with medical spas, yet decided to pull back from all that to focus on caring for their three children.  Duy wants more children, yet Jennie cannot get past the heartache of a stillbirth and multiple miscarriages.

That is what Jennie has told us viewers.  And who’s to say otherwise?  Well, how about a family member that has known Jennie and Duy for a long time?

After a recent episode of RHOSLC, in which Duy proposes the idea of a sister-wife to Jennie, the couples’ niece has come forward on social media to denounce them and label them as sell-outs for cash.

Bravosnarkside shared the TikTok video to their Instagram page, along with a picture of Jennie and Duy.  The post is captioned, “RHOSLC drama, as Jennie Nguyen ‘alleged’ niece drops tiktok video calling out her aunt and uncle!  Saying both are fake and will do anything for money!  While seemingly suggesting the sister wife storyline is just that fake!”

In the video, a girl claiming to be Jennie’s niece makes the following statement, “I have some tea about a Real Housewives cast member.  I’m not going to say any names but she’s been recently getting attention as a new housewife.  And I guess in the recent episode, her husband gave her like a sister wife proposition.  And his reasoning was that he wants more kids, which doesn’t make sense because he didn’t take care of his kids when they were little.”


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Jennie’s niece then calls into question her aunt’s refugee story, detailing the boat ride and Catholic sponsorship that got her out of the situation.  Jennie’s niece said, “second, she’s milking this whole crazy ‘I came from nothing’ story line.  Which is not true at all.  These people are so disgusting.  They’re willing to do anything for money.  And I know this because she’s my aunt and she used to stay with my family a lot.”

Jennie and Duy supposedly got a lot of support from their family in the past, but cut ties when their financial situation accelerated.  “And my parents helped her so much,” Jennie’s niece said, “helped her in any way they can.  Looked after her kids etc. And she threatened to sue them and throw them in jail so her husband and her could get some money.”

This revelation brings up a lot of questions.  And some followers expressed disappointment that Jennie’s wholesome family image seems tarnished now.  Reality TV strikes again.


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