90 Day Fiance Star Juliana Custodio Is Pregnant 1 Month After Announcing Split From Michael Jessen

Looking at all of the wacky characters in 90 Day Fiance history, one couple I was really rooting for was Juliana Custodio and Michael Jessen. Sure, there was a pretty big age gap between the two of them. And they engaged in a good amount of pre-wedding feuds over prenups and other typical sore subjects. But I give credit to Michael’s adorable children — they are really responsible for making me really want to see this family unit succeed. His kids were always so goofy and fun. Even though Michael’s relationship with his ex-wife Sarah was unconventional, it seemed to work for them. However, all that glitters is not gold, and it looks like Michael and Juliana’s relationship couldn’t withstand anything that came at it.

Back in October, Michael announced on he and Juliana’s wedding anniversary that they had actually called it quits, Us Weekly reported. He made things sound like they ended things amicably, and hinted that Juliana had already moved onto another man. But in her own response about the breakup, she made it sound like Michael’s behavior was a catalyst. And insisted she was working on herself and moving on from what she said was a toxic situation. But just a month after announcing that they were over, Juliana has announced she’s expecting a baby. Things move fast in the reality TV space.


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Juliana’s new boo, a man named Ben Obscura, announced on Instagram that he and Juliana are expecting a child. “A new adventure is about to begin,” Ben wrote. Not much is known about her new guy, except that he put the location of the photo as Hamburg, Germany, so it appears as though Juliana left the U.S. She confirmed the news in the comments section and posted her own photo on Instagram to celebrate her pregnancy. No word on how Michael feels about all of this, but it’s probably best if the public isn’t all-in on what’s going on behind the scenes of their family life. If Juliana is in Europe, maybe she could have a shot at appearing on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. But honestly, her storyline without commentary from Michael’s kids won’t be nearly as entertaining.


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