Jen Shah’s Assistant Denies Accusations Of Stealing A Green Clutch From Meredith Marks

Meredith Marks is officially engaging while continuing to give her signature bored energy. During her scenes on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Meredith appears cool, calm, and collected about Jen Shah’s felony charges. When pressed on her passivity,  Meredith questioned why no one else on the cast had the same reaction. She asked, “Didn’t everyone in the van just say they all thought something was off about Jen’s business / lifestyle?”

In a recent episode Meredith decided to get in the mix a little. She tried to take one of Jen’s assistants down in tandem with the infamous arrest. This was a housewife power move, if you ask me. Meredith detailed a story to her castmates about Jen Shah’s assistant stealing a green clutch from one of her boutiques. In the end, she reports that the assistant returned the item. That didn’t seem to ease everyone’s minds. This added yet another layer to Jen’s history of alleged thieving behavior.

The RHOSLC women didn’t seem to understand why Jen would keep someone accused of stealing from a friend on payroll. Of course, after the episode aired, Jen was quick to call Meredith a whole liar while also comparing Meredith’s child to a paid assistant. Can’t her “social media manager” get anything right?


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In a statement that Jen shared to her Instagram, her former assistant claimed “I didn’t want to let it get to this, but here we are. I’d like to address a false accusation…The footage [Meredith] brought up is twisted and chopped.” Jen’s assistant argued that if he *were* going to steal, he wouldn’t do it so brazenly in the open. He also said, “Whatever I’m holding is not green. That green clutch was inside the bag wrapped in paper. When the manger reached out I was confused because Jen had only looked at white ones.”

The former employee claimed he would “never disrespect Jen by stealing from one of her friends.” He also intimated that Meredith had some of her own secrets. He claims Meredith is “trying to reach from all sides like her life depends on it for a TV show while having skeletons in her closet.” Do tell!


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]