Big T from The Challenge

Big T Retires From The Challenge

The Challenge on MTV is one of my all time favorite reality shows. Running for 37 seasons now, it has seen its fair share of competitors. One of the things I love about it is the competitors who keep coming back and we get to know over the seasons. But once MTV began running low on challengers that could keep up, they started introducing new reality stars from around the globe. Which was fitting with all the cool locations they went to. Not to mention, we got to meet a whole new crop of reality-hungry stars. Not all of them lasted very long, but some happened to stand out more than others.

One such stand out was Tula “Big T” Fazakerley. She originally appeared on a show called Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands and found her way over to The Challenge in War Of The Worlds 2. Big T then went on to compete for three more seasons, including the current installment, Spies, Lies & Allies. While Big T never made much of an impact when it came to winning, she definitely won fans over with positivity and never give up attitude.

But now Big T is announcing that it’s time to move on from the show. On a recent Instagram post, Big T talks about her decision to leave the show and what it has meant to her. She started her post, “When one door closes. Another one opens. Yesterday was my last episode of the challenge.” Big T revealed, “Yesterday was also the day that I FINALLY got my acceptance at my cooking school.”


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She continued about her time on the show, “I’m absolutely devastated that I never made it to a final. However, they say that the challenge house is not the place to make friends. But my goodness I have. I want to @ people but those of you who have stolen my heart know who you are. Because of you guys I feel like a winner. This is the end of my challenge career, for now …. I’m a dreamer and I can’t wait for my next adventure. However, I will keep training and pushing my self , as TJ [Lavin] says “always stay ready.”

Big T made sure to let the fans know how much they mean to her and concluded, “Thank you to all of the viewers. I’m not exactly used to people believing in me so thank you for your love. These are magical moment that will stay with me forever. Please don’t forget me and once I conquer the kitchen, hopefully I’ll be back in your screens. Please remember to love first, don’t give a toot what anyone thinks or says about you. And like me, follow your dreams (if I can do 4 season of the challenge, so can you) don’t underestimate yourself ever. I love youuu and Happy Thanksgiving.”


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[Photo Credit: MTV]