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Noella Bergener Served Legal Papers For $300,000 Debt

If Real Housewives of Orange County star Noella Bergener wasn’t familiar with the old adage “when it rains, it pours” she surely is now. Noella joined the show right after her friend, RHOC cast member Braunwyn Windham-Burke, was shown the exit door.

While Braunwyn was hoping to capitalize on her bestie’s casting and score a cameo, Noella wasn’t feeling their relationship anymore. She ended their friendship stating, “It was a great friendship till it wasn’t. I’ve wanted to call her so many times since our bad breakup but without trust you have nothing.”

Noella might want to remember that quote, because it may be applicable to her marriage, too. It turns out that Noella’s husband, personal injury attorney James Bergener, owes over $5 million in taxes to the Internal Revenue Service and the State of California. James’ law practice is called Sweet James in Orange County. Well, Sweet James has some explaining to do.

And that is because Noella learned about the debt from the press, not her husband. Yikes.

Then James filed for divorce in Puerto Rico. He shares a 2-year-old-son with Noella. During the most recent episode of RHOC, viewers saw this event play out in real time. Noella was completely blindsided. James shut off all the credit cards and left her alone with no savings. Isn’t that sweet?

Radar Online reported that Noella was recently served with legal documents. Noella is being sued for an unpaid legal bill totally $300 thousand dollars by Creditors Adjustment. The company hired a process server to find Noella, which turned out to be a bit challenging.

On November 13, 2021, the process server went to Noella’s mansion, but no one was home. When he returned a couple of days later, an unknown female told him that Noella was out of town and would be gone for a month. The process server noted that “she sounded like a middle-aged female.”

After four more attempts, the process server gave the legal documents to an unidentified woman. He claimed that the woman was about 5’11 and around 38 years old. She refused to identify herself. Creditors Adjustment wants the lawsuit to move forward, stating that the papers were properly served. However, Noella had been tagging herself in Canada on her Instagram account at the time.


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Radar Online previously reported that Creditors Adjustment alleged that Noella failed to pay a $293,832.22 bill to the law firm Fried and Goldsman. In 2014, the legal firm represented Noella in a “paternity action” case with her ex. Noella shares a daughter with her ex.

Noella was known as Noella Nance at the time and resided in Palm Desert. Fried and Goldsman worked on Noella’s case from 2014 until 2018. Creditors Adjustment claims that the funds were due on February 26, 2018.

An insider who is close to Noella said the lawsuit was “unfounded.” According to Radar Online, they were told that Noella thinks that James was ordered to pay the bill in their divorce settlement. Good luck with that, Noella.

Creditors Adjustment reportedly contacted Noella several times for payment, but the RHOC star did not resolve the issue. A source close to Noella denied that anyone reached out to her about the legal bill. In fact, Noella thinks that she is being sued because she is on a TV show. The lawsuit is requesting $293 thousand plus interest.


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