Lisa Hochstein Says It’s “Fine If” Larsa Pippen Is On OnlyFans “As Long As She Doesn’t Show Any Private Areas”; Denies Adriana de Moura’s Claim That Larsa Is Trying To Look Like Kim Kardashian

The Real Housewives of Miami has some really interesting housewives. Honestly, more so than any franchise I’ve seen in awhile. If you’ve been watching, Larsa Pippen is giving us everything for that paycheck. Even thought it doesn’t seem that she needs is. We saw Larsa in the early seasons of the show but she’s back and better than ever. The former wife of basketball legend Scottie Pippen, mother of four, and one-time friend of Kim Kardashian, Larsa is fascinating to say the least. She has an obscene amount of wealth from her divorce but that’s not stopping her from making her own coin. Larsa revealed in the first episode that she is making $10K a day on her OnlyFans account. That’s right – $10K A DAY.

Larsa’s OnlyFans bio promises, “an exclusive look at me modeling some of my favorite swimsuits, dresses, and jewelry designs I’m most passionate about. [See] what it’s like being chased by the world’s richest, most athletic and handsome men and still not finding that connection I’ve been looking for. That’s where you come in! As a member of my OnlyFans you will be able to tune into my live streams for a chance at a live virtual date with me! Will I find my dream man on OnlyFans? Give it your best shot and we’ll find out!”

When Larsa told her fellow housewives about it, they seemed shocked at the news and were equal parts judgment and admiration. One such housewife who had a hard time wrapping her brain around it was Lisa Hochstein. Now she’s opening up to Page Six about her feelings on Larsa’s stream of income.

Lisa said , “As long as she’s not showing any private areas, I think that that’s fine. Look, I don’t know much at all about OnlyFans. I don’t have an account. I don’t follow anyone on OnlyFans. Larsa’s really the only friend I know who does it and she says she doesn’t take off her clothes.” For someone still in her 30s, Lisa sounds like such an old fuddy duddy about this.


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Lisa continued with less judgment, “I think it’s amazing. If you can make $10,000 a day to just give your fans a little more?” Lisa even considered joining herself. She revealed, “Like for myself, I would maybe show my exercise routine or what I’m eating throughout the day, things that I wouldn’t necessarily show all over my Instagram. And if somebody wanted to pay me $10,000 a day to see these little things, sign me up!” Sigh, Lisa, I don’t think people are going to pay you $10K a day for that but sure.

When asked if she checked out Larsa’s OnlyFans paged, Lisa admitted, “I think I tried and it was too complicated. So, I just gave up.”

Of course, building an OnlyFans empire doesn’t come without some scrutiny from others. In the season trailer, we see a glimpse of “friend of” Adriana de Moura has accused Larsa of having work done to look like her former best friend, Kim.


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But Lisa disagrees. She said, “I don’t think it’s trying to become Kim Kardashian. People just want to look better and they see these images on social media or wherever and they want to attain that. It’s not just Kim Kardashian. I think Larsa looks great. I think if she’s happy, that’s all that matters.”


[Photo Credit: Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Young Money/Republic Records]