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Larsa Pippen Confirmed For Real Housewives Of Miami Reboot

Real Housewives of Miami was an awesome show and it’s forever bewildering as to why it was cut loose. Andy Cohen said, it was cancelled largely in part to the death of a cast member’s mother, which might sound good in theory but doesn’t really hold water. Thankfully, the rumors of an RHOM comeback turned out to be true and a brand new season of the show is currently in production and will air on the Peacock network.

Veteran viewers are tossing names around of a possible line-up and confidence is high some of the original players will return. Exactly who is coming back and who is coming on board is still kind of a mystery, though it appears we have one confirmation. Recently kicked out of the Kardashian friendship circle, Larsa Pippen has been spotted with cameras she doesn’t pay for following her around. Now it looks like Kim K.’s loss is our gain because we have our first official RHOM lady. Thanks Kim, you really shouldn’t have.

Gloss up and hide your Daddies y’all, because Larsa is back in Miami. Probably wearing the proper amount of sunscreen, scalp protection, and no doubt a modest bathing suit that would surely not be at all revealing. Wives and girlfriends in Dade County are rolling their eyes and preparing for DEFCON 3, but they’re pretty safe unless their man happens to wear shirts with numbers on them for a living.

Larsa was a part of the original cast back in 2013 and she’s back with a brand new face attitude. Perhaps by now Larsa has hired someone to frisk her staff on the way out of her home so she doesn’t have to be bogged down with such menial chores this time around. According to People, we should find out soon because she is definitely filming. Fresh from a scandal involving married NBA star Malik Beasley, Larsa has kept busy making public (to be clear, Larsa does everything in public) apologies to Malik’s wife for taking him on the walk of shame and getting papped.


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While Larsa has moved on from Mr. and Mrs. Beasley, it’s safe to assume she will not tone down her antics before her dream of returning to television in any capacity comes true. Just because Larsa’s contribution to the show last time focused on her inability to find a nanny in Miami that can “speak English” and the International Classification of Diseases has since designated LarsaPippen.49 as the current diagnosis code for narcolepsy, I’m sure everything will be fine.

Hopefully bringing back someone who was fired right after her first original season on RHOM isn’t an enormous mistake. Because we all know Bravo never makes mistakes in casting, and I’m certain the name Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is not at all running through your head. In Larsa’s defense, at least more people know her name this time around. I mean, it’s usually other females screaming at her and throwing shoes in her direction, but Larsa will take notoriety any place she can get it. Stay tuned, Real Housewives of Miami will attempt to make a bigger splash and give Larsa another shot, coming soon on Peacock.


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