Lisa Hochstein Says A Psychic Predicted Cancelation & Return Of The Real Housewives Of Miami Along With The Birth Of Her Son

After eight years, we were all a little bit skeptical about whether The Real Housewives of Miami would ever return for a fourth season. But, thankfully, this year, the stars aligned, and Peacock revived the show for another run. For fans, season 4 has been an unexpected treasure. But for Lisa Hochstein, coming back to TV wasn’t a big surprise. She recently told Entertainment Tonight that she saw it all coming thanks to an insightful conversation with a psychic.

For some reason, psychics have always had an important presence in The Real Housewives world. We’ve seen mediums throw shade at dinner parties. We’ve seen pet psychics channeling dogs from the beyond. We’ve even seen a palm reader correctly predict the demise of a marriage. But Lisa’s psychic must have been extra-talented because not only did they correctly predict that The Real Housewives of Miami would come back to TV, they also foresaw that Lisa and her husband, Dr. Lenny Hochstein, would welcome a son into the world.

“I had a psychic I spoke to right after the last reunion aired, or after we were told we were ‘canceled,’ and the psychic told me a lot of things, including my son being born,” Lisa explained in a video interview with Entertainment Tonight.

We saw Lisa and Lenny struggle with fertility during their initial two seasons on RHOM. It was a sticking point in their relationship that made Lisa question whether or not their marriage would last. It must have been overwhelming for her to hear the psychic make such a stark prediction about her family. Then, a couple of years later in 2015, they welcomed their son Logan into the world. In 2019, they had their second child, a daughter named Elle.


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The psychic also accurately predicted that RHOM would return to our screens after several years. Lisa elaborated on her chat with the psychic. She said, “Nobody knew about us secretly doing that behind the scenes, and she did say that the show was going to come back. Not right now, but maybe, like, six or seven years later, and she was right. I always had it in the back of my mind that we would probably come back.”

It’s unclear if the psychic also predicted that NBCUniversal would launch a streaming platform called Peacock to be the home for RHOM. But interestingly, Lisa revealed that this wasn’t the first time the cast was teased with a potential reboot.

“They threatened us with a comeback over the past eight years about two or three times, and it never happened, Lisa explained. “I was a little skeptical. Each time we were asked back, I definitely was a little skeptical, and I said, ‘I’ll believe it when I see the contract, and I sign my life away.’ That’s when it became real. Well, today, it’s real.”


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