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Kanye West Directs Professional Photoshoot For Julia Fox On Their Second Date After Meeting On New Years Eve

The saga between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian gets messier by the day. God works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder when her family has a new show in production. Kanye and Kim may be in the midst of a divorce, but the mixed signals are everywhere. Kanye, who legally changed his name to “Ye,” has been publically begging for his wife back. He even bought a house across the street from her to stay close. No word on what Kim thinks of her soon-to-be ex-husband being her new neighbor.

Kimmy isn’t innocent either. The central figure of Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been supporting her baby daddy one minute while the next, she’s galavanting around with Pete Davidson in the strangest whirlwind romance of all time. But Kim’s a single lady these days — she can do whatever she wants. And I guess the same goes for Kanye too.

To add another wrench into this entire story, Kanye has been seen dating around recently just moments after pleading for God to fix his marriage. Radar Online reports that Ye allegedly hired photographers to take photos of him going on dates with Uncut Gems actress Julia Fox in Miami and New York City. It sounds like a page from Kimmy’s book — get the people talking by having the paps “catch” them in action. It’s cute that they think we all still fall for these tricks, but it is successful in getting our collective attention.

To make this entire web of relationships even more confusing, Julia herself wrote a first-hand account of her handful of dates with Ye for Interview Magazine. The couple apparently had photographers following them while they went on a date in New York City to see Slave Play and hit up celeb hot-spot Carbone for dinner afterward. The photos look like a big FU to Kimmy, with Kanye showing that he can get the tabloids buzzing with a new relationship too. Seems like a nice way for Julia to book some acting gigs too since we haven’t seen much of her since Uncut Gems, but this is all pure speculation.

In the Interview story, Julia says she met Ye in Miami on New Year’s Eve. Yes, just a handful of days before the intimate photoset was published. She calls it an “instant connection,” which led her to meet up with NYC for the second date just days later.


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While at Carbone, Ye apparently directed an entire photoshoot for Julia while other people were trying to enjoy their meals. “The whole restaurant loved it and cheered us on while it was happening,” Julia wrote. I’d like to hear one of the diners’ perspectives on this. Or a waiter who had to try to do their job while this attention-grabbing stunt was being pulled in the middle of the restaurant.

To continue the love bombing, Kanye also filled an entire hotel suite full of clothes for Julia to play dress up. “Who does things like this on a second date? Or any date!” Julia wrote. “Everything with us has been so organic. I don’t know where things are headed but if this is any indication of the future I’m loving the ride.”

This entire story is a major red flag to me that this relationship isn’t genuine. It’s similar to that person you’re friends with on Facebook who gets into a new relationship, floods their timeline with lovey-dovey posts about their partner, and then airs out dirty laundry when they start to fight. Celebs, they’re just like us (sort of). Methinks this is mess between Kim, Kanye, and the public is far from over. But I can’t complain — it’s giving me something to fixate on while hunkering down from the cold weather.


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