Alexia Echevarria and Todd Nepola

Alexia Echevarria’s Husband Todd Nepola Says Frankie Rosello Was Not Actually Watching His Fight With Peter Rosello

The return of Real Housewives of Miami is giving. Whether you’re new to the series or not, it’s worth a rewatch of seasons 1-3 on Peacock to get the full back story on each of the women. Alexia Echevarria  has an especially winding backstory. Her two sons are from her first husband. Though we never meet him, viewers know he spent time away following a conviction for drug trafficking. Alexia’s oldest son, Peter Rosello, has always seemed troubled by this familial past. He has been in his own legal trouble, over indulged in partying, and just generally struggled with his mental well-being on screen.

Between seasons 1 and 2 of RHOM in 2011, Alexia’s youngest son Frankie Rosello was in a major car accident at the age of 13. His friend lost control of a vehicle, went over a median, and crashed into oncoming traffic. Frankie spent three months in the hospital recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Fast forward to today, both of Alexia’s sons are in their twenties. Despite Frankie’s disability, it seems that he is still spending time out on the town with his older brother. After a night of too much partying, Alexia and her newest fiancéTodd Nepola, felt it was time to put an end to this brotherly dynamic.

The most recent RHOM episode ended with a blow out fight between Peter, Todd, and eventually, Alexia. While these three discussed Peter’s lack of responsibility in general, as well as when caring for his brother, Frankie seemed to be watching the entire ordeal. It was a little heart-breaking to think he was hearing everyone fight about his cognitive and maturational decline since his accident.

In an Instagram comment, Todd sought to set the record straight on the fight and Frankie’s part in it. He assured readers, “I just want everyone to know Frankie was not there while this argument took place. They sent him in to close the scene out. The entire scene was filmed over 2 hours and this is what made the final cut. Peter and I were having a conversation alone, the arguing came in what [sic] Alexia came over. In the end this is something much better suited for a professional therapist as I say, but that’s not what this show is about.”


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Todd was appreciative for all the fan comments, both in support and out of concern for the situation. He wrote, “Thank you all for the feedback and we all appreciate it. Everyone’s opinion is valid here…It was an awful situation. This is a real issue we have been dealing with for over 4 years and they wanted us to talk about it on TV. That’s not easy.”

“I think the editing is fair as [sic] for sure I’m super frustrated and feel up against a wall – and yes I of course sympathize with Alexia and Peter [sic] situation. In the end it was worth it as it shook a few branches and is helping us all get better! We all do discuss the issue and it’s a work in progress.”

During the scene between ToddPeter, and Alexia, it seemed as though Todd was placing a metric ton of blame on Alexia and Peter for not stepping up to meet Frankie’s needs. Perhaps that was all editing, though? Todd expressed in his comment, “There is no team Todd or team Peter . It’s all for Frankie and Peter and Alexia do LOVE this boy more than words can express.” Sweet.

Todd also admitted, “My trying to help as an outside is tough and hopefully they know it’s my love for Frankie. But you are all right about the fact that AlexiaPeter, and myself will do anything for Frankie. We’re still learning how. Thanks for all the comments. The food and the bad. We need to hear it all.” Maybe Alexia has finally found her perfect gringo man.


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