Dancing With The Stars Pro Cheryl Burke Has Over 40 Reptiles In Her Home

Dancing with the Stars pro Cheryl Burke has a long history on the show. She joined DWTS during Season 2. And she proved that she could deliver in the ballroom.

She took home the mirror ball twice, once with Drew Lachey and once with Emmitt Smith. Cheryl also placed second with her celebrity partners Rob Kardashian and Gilles Marini.

Season 30 of DWTS was a rough one for Cheryl and her partner, Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby. “It’s at a TV show, right? But it’s a TV show that we work our asses off on,” Cheryl remarked. “I compare this show to Survivor.”

In addition, both Cody and Cheryl were diagnosed with Covid-19. The couple trained via Zoom while they quarantined. They also performed a remote jazz routine from each of their homes during Britney Spears week. It was a first for DWTS, and incredibly challenging. The duo came in third place for the season.

Cheryl also shared that September of 2020 marked two years of sobriety. “I made promises to myself I would never drink alone, then that started to go away. Or I wouldn’t drink before 5 p.m., no drinking on weekdays. It just never stopped,” Cheryl said. “It became so that my tolerance was just nothing got me drunk. I was a functioning drunk for sure.”

Cheryl met the love of her life on DWTS. She met actor Matthew Lawrence when Joey Lawrence, his brother, was competing on the show. Cheryl and Matthew tied the knot on May 23, 2019, in San Diego, California.


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According to Entertainment Tonight, Cheryl visited The Kelly Clarkson Show to discuss her cold-blooded roomies. And she doesn’t seem happy about the situation. Cheryl commented, “I love animals, but he likes reptiles.” She quipped that their relationship works because “opposites attract.”

“He has 45-50 reptiles that live beneath us. No snakes! That was the deal, no snakes,” Cheryl explained. “But when we dated a little over a decade ago, I knew I would be marrying a guy who loves reptiles.” Cheryl said that Matthew has many different types of reptiles, including “iguanas that look like alligators.”

Cheryl has a sweet Frenchie, and she makes sure that her dog stays away from the reptiles who might be sizing her up for a snack. Cheryl remarked, “She’s my little baby, so I’m like, ‘Stay far away!’ She stays away from the cages.”

Cheryl shared a festive Christmas post on Instagram which featured a photo of Cheryl, Matthew, and their pup. Apparently, no reptiles were allowed.


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[Photo Credit: ABC/Maarten de Boer]