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Emily Simpson Calls Out Holes In Noella Bergener’s Story; Slams Noella For “Squatting” In Her Home

Our favorite Bravo lawyer is ready to give her take on the ultra messy divorce of Noella Bergener. Real Housewives of Orange County star Emily Simpson has been taking notes on the breakup of her co-star Noella and James Bergener‘s marriage. James has a law firm in the Los Angeles area called Sweet James (vain much?) whose success has bankrolled the lavish lifestyle of the couple.

After being together for six years, they didn’t legally wed until 2020. Noella was served with legal divorce papers from James just a year later in August 2021. According to Noella, James (who is residing in Puerto Rico now) cut her off financially cancelling her credit cards and effectively leaving her to fend for herself and the four year old autistic son they share together. James has disputed this, with his lawyer claiming that James has in fact “paid substantial sums” to Noella.

Earlier this month, Noella revealed she is refusing to leave their mansion after the lease finished in November 2021. Emily has come to the table to giver her perspective on the situation and she’s brought her Bar license and shade hat along with her.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Emily laid down the law – “Who calls their house a mansion? Let’s go there…like, what is this? Does she have a moat? Is there a dragon? Like, I don’t understand. Like, why does she have to say mansion? But secondly, as far as what I read from documents, the lease was up. I don’t know what their financial arrangement was — maybe he was only financially obligated to pay the length of their lease and then that was it. So, I don’t know. If she’s illegally squatting there, then she should find somewhere else to live. Maybe not a mansion.” *crying laughing emoji*

Emily may not always be the most exciting housewife but I do appreciate her insights into drama, she’s often the most reasonable one of the group. And in a similar way to Erika Jayne having to downsize her lavish life and her living arrangements, maybe Noella could live in a slightly smaller house than her current 11,000 sq ft abode.


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Emily further continued, “I do believe that that is kind of an ongoing theme throughout the rest of the season where it’s like, ‘Yes, we feel badly for you. Like, no one wants you to be in this situation, but you can’t be the aggressor and be hostile,’”. She added “But then when someone calls you out on being aggressive, you go right back into victim mode and ‘I’m going through a lot.’ I mean, Noella is interesting. She really is because she has a very wide range of emotion. So there’s a lot going on there.” Spot on, so many emotions, a little too much mess for a housewife’s premier season which is giving us major ~ Braunwyn Windham Burke Vibes ~.

I do appreciate a good storyline, Noella is giving us some great tv, which has in turn been reviving RHOC along with the return of Fancy Pants Heather Dubrow. So maybe I can sit and appreciate it for now.

Emily further analyzed – “Now that all this stuff is coming out and he’s releasing statements and his attorneys are releasing statements, I will tell you, as an attorney, I jump all over that stuff,” she said. “I read all of it. I listen to it. I decipher it. I go back through what she told me on what dates; I make timelines. So, I will tell you, I can blow holes through a lot of things.” WE WANT THE HOLES, GIVE US THE HOLES. At the reunion maybe?


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Even with everything going down, Emily did share that she is still in touch and friendly with Noella (that might change after these quotes). She noted: “She will text a little bit and I will text back, and I don’t have any ill will toward her at all. And I do want what’s best for her and if she reaches out, I always respond. With the whole divorce, I think that there’s her side and his side, and then I think that there’s the truth somewhere that lies in the middle. And maybe even with what she considers her truth is maybe just a little convoluted or just because when you’re living it and you’re feeling it, you know, you always think you’re right.”

Emily Simpson Esq. has spoken! I can tell you one thing, I can’t WAIT for the reunion to see how all of this unfolds.


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