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Kathy Hilton Was Offended Her Son-In-Law, Cater Reum, Wanted To Help Plan His Wedding With Paris Hilton

Kathy Hilton may seem chill and laid back on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she’s anything but when it comes to wedding planning. Kathy was heavily involved in her daughter Paris Hilton’s nuptials, which was featured on the Peacock Network. Aptly titled Paris In Love, it followed Paris and her fiance Carter Reum on their journey to walking down the aisle.

Now Kathy is revealing that it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing to get there. As reported by People, Kathy and Paris made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss. Paris started by admitting that Kathy called Carter a “groomzilla” and an “octopus” based on his involvement.

Said Kathy, “Because he’s got his mitts into everything.” Kathy recalled Paris‘ reaction and added, “She goes, ‘Mommy, he means well,’ But he was offending me. He was calling the cake place. He was calling the band. He was calling the party planner, the hotels, everything. I said, ‘This is not normal.’ He even picked out the invitation and the save the date cards.” Paris took up for Carter and admitted, “He’s just very responsible, very organized, and we’re not.”

The drama continued to play out on screen, long before the couple tied the knot in November 2021. One particular scene of Carter calling the Beverly Hills Hotel to meet with the wedding planner really rubbed Kathy the wrong way. Kathy maintained, “I’m the final call — whoever writes the check. I mean, do you know what I’m saying? This is like, my wedding too. How do you think it makes me look and feel when the son-in-law-to-be has already called over there?”


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For Paris’ part, she didn’t agree with her seemingly overbearing mother. Said Paris while filming the show, “I love my mom, but I don’t know how she’s got it in her mind that my wedding is her wedding. I don’t want to be mean and hurt her feelings, but like, I’m the bride, you’re the mother of the bride.”

And when Kathy told Paris to tell Carter to stay in his lane, he took it in stride. He joked, “Well, the thing is, I’m happy to stay in my lane. We just need you and your mom to get into a vehicle and start moving in your lane. And that lane seems like there’s a car accident and no cars are getting through. I’ll tap her in, tell her Carter will stay in his lane. I just need someone else to go in the lane to start doing stuff.”

But despite the wedding drama, Kathy has fully accepted Carter into the family. At the wedding, she told Entertainment Tonight, “He is so kind. He treats her like a lady. He’s just wonderful. He’s upbeat… His family’s wonderful… We’re a very big, happy family.”
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