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Kathy Hilton Finally Watched Paris Hilton’s Documentary About Boarding School Abuse; Says It Put Her In A “Depression”

I’m one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers who is totally under the spell of Kathy Hilton. I can’t help it — she’s so charming and funny. The dichotomy of watching a wealthy woman like Kathy walk around wearing table clothes and mistaking Red Bull for soda just makes me giddy. Sue me. So I’m happy that Bravo is giving her the big bucks to return for another season as a Friend Of. Hopefully, it means she’ll continue to push Kyle “Doogie” Richards‘ buttons even more in Season 12.

However, while watching Kathy on RHOBH, it was hard to not have Paris Hilton in the back of my mind. Her 2020 bombshell documentary about the abuse she endured at a boarding school was harrowing. Paris, luckily, has been able to tell her story, fight against boarding school abuse, and move on with her life as a newly married woman. But the role that her parents played during this time has always been murky to me.

I can’t try to explain what I would do if I was the mother of Paris Hilton. Rick Hilton and Miss Kathy have been open about the emotional toll of worrying about their underage daughter while she was running the New York club scene. Paris even admitted on her Peacock series Paris In Love that her mom avoids the subject of her abuse entirely. Kathy, at that time, had never even seen her groundbreaking documentary.

Kathy recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live and revealed she’s finally watched Paris‘ exposé. She admitted that her kids had to force her to sit down and watch it. “She said to me, ‘It’s very important to me, mommy, that you watch this,'” Kathy said. Kathy says she and Paris held hands when she did finally watch the film, and could feel Paris’ “relieved and happy” energy that she finally got her mom to hear her story. Honestly, that is such a wholesome moment amidst all the darkness.


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While it was a restorative viewing, Kathy says watching the film put her into a “depression” and left her feeling “ashamed.” Paris‘ documentary did touch on her wild days, but Kathy says it was much worse to live through. “A lot of people understood that … we were trying to save Paris,” Kathy said.  “She was sneaking out and sometimes didn’t come back home for three days. Not going to school.” Kathy said Paris was a master escape artist, and it left her helpless with what to do. She said, “I’m literally saying to myself, ‘What do we do? Move to Mars?'” I truly could not imagine being anyone in the Hilton family at any moment in time.

It was a bit confusing, however, because Paris hosted a party celebrating the release of the documentary at Kathy’s home. “Outside, we did a big screen and it was too much after just watching a lot of the little clips, you know, the promos and trailers,” Kathy explained to Andy Cohen. She said that she avoided watching it because she didn’t want to overshadow Paris’ big moment with her shock. “It’s not about me, but yet, it really was devastating the way I was told,” she added. Props to Kathy for finally being able to hear her daughter’s full and true story. It has to be a healing moment for both of them.


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