Celebrity Big Brother 3: Episode 6 Recap – New HOH Is Crowned, Big News From Live Feeds

While a new HOH was crowned and two celebrity houseguests were nominated for eviction, the big news of the past 24 hours has come not from the CBS broadcast of Celebrity Big Brother, but from the live feeds. Because this big news has not yet been revealed on the actual show, I will throw up a bit of a SPOILER WARNING…so please read-on if you want to know what did happen that will definitely affect the game moving forward!

I’ll give one more SPOILER WARNING later in this article, but for now, let’s stick to what happened on Wednesday night’s Celebrity Big Brother!

When we last left off, Mirai Nagasu had become the second celebrity evicted from the Big Brother house, in a unanimous vote over a clueless Chris Kattan. The plan, concocted by HOH Chris Kirkpatrick and his “ride-or-die” Shanna Moekler, went the way that they wanted, but it was revealed that they had heavily considered trying to back-door and blindside Todrick Hall. That plan was nixed apparently because it would have depended on Chris Kattan voting with them, and because it’s clear that Kattan has no real understanding of the game or how it works, it became too risky of a proposition. To his credit, Todrick seemed to notice a shift in Kirkpatrick’s behavior, and the former NSYNC star was starting to become Todrick’s biggest target in the game.

Todrick nearly won the next HOH comp, where contestants were invited to a snowy hot tub party by former Celebrity houseguest, Kato Kaelin, then had to strip out of ski gear on a ski lift while holding down three different buttons, where the fastest person to buzz in from inside a hot tub wins (I love sentences like this…crazy, but only making sense within the cheese-tastic world of Big Brother). But he came in second only to Miesha Tate, who landed her second HOH win of the season and who is clearly one of the best physical and overall threats in the game. Since Miesha is closely aligned with Todrick, Todrick did try to raise concerns about Kirkpatrick, but as we know from previous episodes, Miesha is way too focused on getting rid of who she feels is the game’s biggest threat: Carson Kressley.

When it came time for her nominations, it was indeed Carson who found himself on the block (“It’s just an honor to be nominated!” Carson quipped in his best Oscar-acceptance-speech voice). He was sitting next to Cynthia Bailey, who is his closest ally. Miesha figures if Carson saves himself by winning POV, then the next best thing is to clip his partner, Cynthia. This sets up an epic POV challenge for Friday’s two-hour live episode, where Carson and Cynthia will literally be fighting for their lives in the game, with a good chance that one of the two of them will be sent out of the house next.

That is…until the live feeds might have changed everything! OK here it is: Your last SPOILER WARNING!

OK! For those still reading, I don’t often comment on the live feeds as these recaps are intended for the show that airs on TV, however, news that Chris Kattan has officially quit the game throws the rest of the season into flux. Confirmed by several online sources, apparently Kattan has had enough and has removed himself from the game. It’s comes sort of as no surprise, given how miserable he has looked and how he practically begged his fellow houseguests to evict him last week. I have sympathy and pity for Kattan, who battled neck and back surgeries since his SNL days, but what an odd, weird run for the comedian on this show. In some ways, it’s difficult to imagine the scenario in which he was invited on to the show…he clearly doesn’t know the game, didn’t appear to be a fan, and made little effort to fit it or learn what was going on around him. Despite the fact that it was made clear early on that he would have zero chance of ever winning the game, his exit at this juncture does present big obstacles for the show moving forward.

First and foremost, the show was already a tight 15 episodes, stretched over a three week period…we’re already a third of the way through. The game was designed for 11 houseguests to play through to the end, so Kattan‘s exit will surely modify what producers had planned for the season. For the game itself, it also throws in some wrenches. Because Kattan left the game, does that mean that Miesha‘s HOH won’t count? Do Carson and Cynthia get a “free pass”? I doubt they will go this route, but likely Kattan’s exit will take away a planned double-eviction that was to take place sometime next week. Kattan will likely lose out on money that he was given to appear on the show, and will probably not be on the jury being that he quit? We will have to see how the show handles Christ Kattan’s departure, and what it means for the game moving forward.

With that, we’ll see you after Friday’s two-hour episode!

Here’s the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother Episode Schedule:

Week 2

Friday, Feb. 11 – 8-10 PM (two-hour live show and eviction)

Week 3

Sunday, Feb. 13 – 8-9 PM

Monday, Feb. 14 – 9-10 PM

Wednesday, Feb. 16 – 8-9 PM

Friday, Feb. 18 – 8-10 PM

Saturday, Feb. 19 – 8-9 PM

Week 4

Sunday, Feb. 20 – 8-9 PM

Monday, Feb. 21 – 9-11 PM

Wednesday, Feb. 23 – 8-9 PM (finale)

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