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Real Housewives Of Miami Season 4 Reunion Recap: Eight Years In The Making

What a revival season for the Real Housewives of Miami. This is how you do it. These ladies brought the perfect blend of fashion, drama, humor, and personal storylines. Other cities should take note because Miami has perfected the Housewives formula.

Highs And Lows

Alexia Echevarria Real Housewives Of Miami

Alexia Echevarria eloping was probably for the best. Alexia’s denies the allegations against her son Peter Rosello. She doesn’t want to talk about it at all. She’s refusing to speak on it. Okay. Why are we even having this conversation then?

Nicole Martin’s engaged! However, they aren’t in a rush to walk down the aisle. They didn’t seem to want marriage during the filming of the show. What changed? She says she would’ve stayed with him if he never asked. I think she saw something during the season that made her push for this.

It looks like Larsa Pippen and Alexia are part of the reason for this to happen. Their interrogation of Nicole’s man might’ve led to him popping the question after all of this time.

We’re already off to a dramatic start with Nicole and Julia Lemigova coming at Larsa about her wedlock comment. It’s a bit odd in 2022 for Larsa to talk like that. Andy cuts them off before they can get into too much detail about it. They’re saving it for later in the reunion. Once Adriana de Moura comes out to the stage, she’s going to rip into Larsa even more.

An OG Thing

Guerdy Abraira Real Housewives Of Miami

Larsa’s new appearance is a big topic at the reunion. It’s difficult to deny that she looks like an entirely different person. I have no idea why Larsa’s denying getting her butt done. That’s insulting the intelligence of the viewers and everyone sitting on the stage with her.

Adriana doesn’t think Larsa’s butt looks natural. Julia interjects which pisses Larsa off. If Julia doesn’t want to be seen as a follower of Adriana’s, she shouldn’t have moments like that. Stand on your own.

Larsa claims she picked up on some of Kim Kardashian’s traits which is why she talks like her. I don’t think you can pick up a giant backside like that. Baby talk, sure. I guess. However, NOT the new gigantic booty.

Backstage, Lisa Hochstein’s accosted by Larsa for not having her back. She’s not going to get involved unless she genuinely disagrees with them. In other words, Lisa thinks you got a new ass with your new money. Let’s call it like it is.

Guerdy Abraira’s accused of being calculated for speaking out about Adriana and Julia’s foot massage. She says she only did what she did because Adriana’s poking at her became too much. Adriana apologizes for disregarding Guerdy’s work. Looks like Adriana’s doing damage control to get some friends in the group. She did the most all season, and it backfired in her face. Now, she only has Julia in her corner for the most part.

Adriana says she’s not in love with Julia. It’s strictly platonic between the two of them. Allegedly. It’ll be interesting to see if that ever changes. If Julia’s marriage ever crumbles, I’m curious if something more will develop between her and Julia.

Guerdy’s sorry for making Julia’s baby loss about herself. She had no idea what the real story was behind the death of Julia’s son. However, Guerdy had a habit of doing things like that all season. She was constantly trying to make herself the center of attention and create a moment.

Julia felt like Guerdy was missing empathy toward her at that moment. They exchange tearful moments with one another, so it looks like they’re doing okay. I LOVE this group.

Larsa’s Fans

Larsa Pippen Real Housewives Of Miami

Adriana’s being so judgemental about Larsa’s OnlyFans account. It doesn’t have to be porn. She’s trying so hard to paint that narrative, but there’s so much more that can be done on there.

Adriana’s son told her not to create an OnlyFans because it’s porn. However, Adriana stripped out of her clothing multiple times throughout the season. What’s the difference? It’s more of having a bone to pick with Larsa than it is having an issue.

Larsa’s a grown-ass woman and should be able to do whatever she pleases. She stands by the fact that she’s not doing porn on the site. I thought that was true for a second until she brought up suing the cast if they brought the photos. Is that hypothetical? Or is she saying that they might exist and the cast could get their hands on them?

Larsa confirms her marriage was over before she met Future. She didn’t cheat. That relationship was already in the toilet. Shoutout to Larsa though for securing the bag and getting half of the fortune.

Making Herstory

Julia Lemigova Real Housewives Of Miami

Julia is the first Housewife in history to be in a same-sex marriage! Incredible. It’s wild that it’s taken nearly two decades for that to happen for the first time. I’m not surprised it would be a progressive city like Miami to be the one to make history.

Julia’s family was caught off guard that she was entering a same-sex marriage. However, in the end, they supported her. Good for them. Julia’s energy is EVERYTHING because she seems so pure. I love her so much.

The story of Julia’s son’s murder is horrifying, and I can’t even imagine. As someone who is about to become a father for the first time, I couldn’t even imagine. Hearing the story of how Julia’s ex died is equally insane.

The woman KILLED him, but before she killed him, she warned Julia she knew more about her son’s death. This is fucking CHILLING. Bone CHILLING. Everything about the death of her son screams to be a setup. The nanny allegedly responsible for his death was also never found. All of this is so scary. Haunting.

Nicole’s trying to own up to some of her negative comments about Lisa’s house. However, Alexia and Marysol Patton are calling bullshit on everything she’s saying. There’s a lot of chatter about everyone trying to give Nicole the rundown about the show. It’s all about who was coming on the show and what she should know about them.

I 100% believe Alexia said everything about Marysol that Nicole’s claiming. Alexia looks like she’s quaking in her shoes over this. I believe she was giving the rundown on everyone including Marysol. It’s not at all farfetched.

Marysol surely was miffed about not being given full-time status on the season. She is an OG of the show, but she’s relegated to “friend” status. That has to sting a little because she was putting in the WORK this season.


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