Love Is Blind Deepti Vempati

Love Is Blind Star Deepti Vempati Says Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee Lacks Self-Awareness

If you watched Love Is Blind, you already know the train wreck of the season was the failed engagement between Deepti Vempati and Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee. Through no real fault of Deepti’s, mind you. The only thing she was really guilty of was missing some major red flags. And giving a chance to someone who didn’t deserve it. Sadly, the sweetest one of the bunch picked possibly the biggest jerk ever.

After getting wind of Shake’s rude comments behind her back, Deepti ditched him at the altar. Fans collectively sighed in relief. And Deepti told viewers that she knows her worth. She sure did. And now she’s moving on and not looking back. She recently spoke with Us Weekly and made it clear she has no intention of keeping in touch with Shake.


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Said Deepti, “We tried to be friends after filming wrapped, but it just wasn’t the vibe. Anytime we hung out with Shake, like, even in group settings, there’s always some sort of issue or something that we have to call him out on.”

She added, “He lacks self-awareness in social settings or even in how to talk to people. And you know what? I realized it’s not my problem anymore and I shouldn’t have to deal with it. I think we’re on two completely different paths.”


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Regarding her decision to leave him at the altar, she explained, “I knew what I had to do. No one should have doubts about me [on our wedding day] and I deserve the best. So it’s, like, if you’re not gonna be able to offer it for me, then there’s no chance I’m staying.”

One of the issues that played out on the show was the fact that the pair was not intimate on any level. Deepti revealed, “There’s a lot of things that he said that he didn’t say to my face and [things] I’ve heard from other cast members.” She continued, “I just don’t have room for anybody in my life that doesn’t see me in the best way. And who could even think those types of thoughts, I guess.”


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In the aftermath, Deepti had reason to stay positive. Fans and Deepti’s family took to social media to defend her. On Instagram, Deepti called “the love and support” from her family as “unmatched.” Despite not finding the right guy for her, she still believes she was on the show for a reason.

She confessed, “Regret wise, I wish I kind of tried harder with my No. 2 connection in the pods, but honestly, it’s not a regret though, because I think I was meant to go through this process to figure myself out more.”

Deepti concluded, “But the best part of this entire thing, I think, is finding these amazing people that I now call some of my closest friends. It’s such a blessing and, maybe, I wasn’t supposed to find my soulmate, but I found some pretty amazing people along the way.”


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