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Erica Rose Apologizes After Disastrous Below Deck Sailing Yacht Episode

Even though the stars of Below Deck Sailing Yacht are obviously the yachties, the guests play an important supporting role. It’s not often that we remember the names of guests beyond each individual season of Below Deck, but there are exceptions. A few guests have so much fun, they can’t help but come back for another charter. Sometimes, it’s a good thing when the clients are polite and good tippers. Oftentimes, the pendulum swings in the opposite direction, to the dismay of Captain Glenn Shephard and the crew.

The current season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht had a recent experience of the latter. Erica Rose is a vet of Sailing Yacht. She is best remembered for her Donald Trump-inspired bathing suit during her first charter.  That, and for her friends who got into an epic girl fight. This go around, she opted for a Joe Biden suit, so she doesn’t discriminate. While her antics are entertaining, she and her guests usually create a living hell for the crew assigned to take care of them.

Erica and her team recently returned to Below Deck Sailing Yacht and it was nothing short of a mess. Her husband threw a drunken temper tantrum about the food that was downright insulting to Marcos Spaziani. Her guests left a tornado where ever they went, and Daisy Kelliher and her stews were constantly cleaning up after them. In the end, Erica and the crew didn’t even give a good tip. It was clearly wrong to both the crew and the viewers, and now Erica is publically apologizing.

Erica decided to post an Instagram video poking fun at her behavior onboard Parsifal III. It was in the style of her dancing over audio of someone apologizing. She wrote in the caption that we don’t know “the half of it,” even though we can all obviously see she only gave half of the tip that was owed. And that her boo only has half a brain (at least, that’s how he was acting).

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Erica took to Twitter to try to explain more. In one tweet, she points out that Below Deck Sailing Yacht isn’t a scripted show. “My hubby chose to act the way he did and wasn’t told to. We take accountability. Onwards and upwards,” she wrote. Girl, did your husband take any accountability? Because all I saw was a group of people enabling an adult-sized child. Make it make sense.

When it comes to the tip situation, Erica didn’t do herself any more favors in her explainer. In another tweet, she decided to “tip/recognize certain people more.” She specifically shouted out Tom Pearson and Kelsie Goglia. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. The real question is whether Erica actually did tip those two more, or if she was just announcing her regret. I cannot with any more of this nonsense. Erica and her gang are entertaining, but Bravo needs to give these yachties a break by not having to deal with her for one charter season.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]