90 Day Fiance Alums Anna-Marie Campisi And Mursel Mistanoglu Welcome A Baby

90 Day Fiance alums Anna-Marie Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu have added to their hive!  The couple, who met on a beekeeping enthusiast website, welcomed a baby boy named Gokhan John via surrogate on April 11th.  Baby Gokhan is a celebrated addition to the family that includes Anna’s three sons, Joey, Leo, and Gino, from a previous relationship.

What makes this news even more extraordinary is that Anna and Mursel’s surrogate gave birth in a war zone, and the couple had to travel to embattled Ukraine to get their son. Entertainment Tonight documented Anna’s Instagram post that shared details of Gokhan’s birth and the incredible journey his parents took to receive him.

According to Anna, her newborn arrived “5 weeks early.”  In one picture, the Beauty and the Bee’s founder can bee seen cuddling Gokhan.  “He’s doing amazing!,” she gushed in the caption, “Just a small guy at 5.3 pounds and 18 inches.” As for the surrogate, Anna revealed that she is, “also doing well,” and called her, “an amazing woman.”  The surrogate chose to stay in her native Ukraine, and is receiving post-natal care there.

The mother of three credited non-profit group Dynamo Project for their assistance in getting in and out of Ukraine safely.  The couple traveled to neighboring Poland first, before Anna crossed the border to pick up her son.  Due to visa entry restrictions, Mursel had to stay behind as he would not have been allowed to re-enter Poland.

Anna explained, “If he came with me to Ukraine, he wouldn’t be allowed to leave.  Thank God for this amazing group Dynamo Project!  I didn’t have to go alone.  They planned the logistics including travel into Ukraine, a safe place to stay while in Ukraine, and travel while inside.  They were with me the entire time.”

Luckily, the war front shifted to eastern Ukraine and Anna was able to travel to Lviv where Gokhan was born. Once back at the border, Anna had to cross over on foot.

“We went back to Warsaw after,” Anna recalled, “Dynamo Project helped with that also.  This is such an amazing group! They go into countries with wars and hostile environments to help people get out!  They have helped numerous people in Ukraine get out of towns, they’ve moved surrogates and babies.  We will forever be grateful to them.”

The couple first announced that they were expecting in January.  At the time Anna, who previously revealed that she is medically unable to carry a child, posted, “We are currently 22 weeks!” along with the hashtag #FutureBeekeeper.

What an incredible and happy ending! Many congratulations to the couple and their family.


[Photo Credit: TLC]